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I & II Chronicles (The Old Testament Library | OTL)

ISBN: 9780664226411
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The Old and New Testament Library series offers authoritative commentary on many Old and New Testament books and provides additional theological works that closely examine major aspects of both testaments. This important series contains modern works written by noted authors as well as classic volumes of scholarship. Commentaries in this series provide fresh translations based on the best available ancient manuscripts, offer critical portrayals of the historical world in which the books were created, pay careful attention to their literary design, and present a theologically perceptive exposition of the text. Individually, each of these commentaries allow teachers and students to hone in on unique elements present in a stand-alone book of the Bible. Together, the power of these commentaries and theological works provides a plurality of perspectives that together facilitate better interpretation and clarity from the podium, behind the pulpit, and beyond.

In this volume, a part of the Old Testament Library series, Sara Japhet explores the books of I and II Chronicles. Her critical perspective is both thorough and presented in a way that provides clarity for scholars and exegetes.

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Key Features

  • Contains relevant commentary, exegesis, and literary criticism
  • Observations by some of today’s leading biblical scholars
  • Fresh insights into well-known Old Testament books

Top Highlights

“the composition of the book no earlier than the post-exilic period, and probably well into it” (Page 25)

“how did it happen that a man by the name of ‘Jabez’ was, nevertheless, prosperous!” (Page 109)

“clearly alluding to Gen. 3:16, ‘I will … multiply your pain” (Page 109)

“Another contradiction is the statement that David was the seventh, rather than the eighth, of Jesse’s sons (1 Sam. 17:12” (Page 77)

“historical writing with a variety of literary genres; and even differences and contrasts in actual facts and details.” (Page 5)

Product Details

Sara Japhet is Yehezkel Kaufmann Professor of Bible at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received the Israel Prize for Biblical Studies in 2004 and was elected President of the World Union of Jewish Studies in 2006.


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