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Mentor Commentary: Joel & Obadiah

Format: Digital
, 2003
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In this book you will discover the theme of Joel: the day of Yahweh. You will also discover more about the one to whom the day belongs: Yahweh. The people were facing devastating calamity and Joel calls the society to repent in order that they might escape this judgment and once again enjoy mercy and favor of Yahweh. Obadiah also focuses on the dual aspects of the theme both that there is judgment and that blessing.

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Key Features

  • Discussion of important textual, literary, and philological questions
  • Introduction to the style, structure, and composition, including authorship
  • Background studies on the literary traditions
  • Exegetical and interpretive issues are discussed
  • Outlines the significant theological themes from the text
  • Introduction to the historical and cultural setting of the book

Praise for the Print Edition

. . . It is colorful, brief, thought-provoking, and useful as an overview, or as a companion to a study in greater depth.

—Jeremy Walker, The Banner of Truth

This is a fine [commentary] which should provide a valuable resource for serious students of the Old Testament for many years. The author inter-relates with the extensive literature available on the Book of Amos and is clearly able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of all types of criticism. . . . His exegetical judgment is excellent and he avoids dogmatism where the evidence tends to be evenly balanced.

—Geoffrey Grogan, translator of Amos for the New King James Version

Product Details

  • Title: Mentor Commentary: Joel & Obadiah
  • Author: Irvin Busenitz
  • Publisher: Mentor
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 288

About Irvin Busenitz

Irvin Busenitz was a member of faculty at Talbot Theological Seminary before becoming a founding member of The Master's Seminary, where he has taught ever since. Dr. Busenitz was presented the John Solomon Award for excellence in Semitics and Old Testament, has done post-doctoral study at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, has published journal and periodical articles, and is active in his local church—as well as in Biblical conference ministries.

Happy Memorial Day


Save $5.75 (25%)
Reg:$22.99 | Print:$24.99