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The Theology of the Book of Isaiah

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The book of Isaiah's imagery sparkles as it inspires. It draws us in to meditate and extends our vision toward the future. But what should we make of this sprawling and puzzling book—so layered and complex in its composition—as a whole?

John Goldingay helps us make sense of this "book called Isaiah" as a tapestry of patterned collages, parts put together in an intentional whole. The Theology of the Book of Isaiah studies the prophecies, messages and theology of each section of the complex book, then unfurls its unifying themes—from Zion to David to the Holy One of Israel. Like a program guide to Handel's Messiah, Goldingay helps us see, hear and understand the grandeur of this prophetic masterpiece among the Prophets.

Key Features

  • Brings theological unity to the complicated structure of the Book of Isaiah
  • Thoughtfully presents the themes of Isaiah for easy understanding
  • Helps contribute understanding to our interpretation of biblical prophecy


  • Part One: The Theologies in Isaiah
    • Isaiah 1–12
    • Isaiah 13–27
    • Isaiah 28–39
    • Isaiah 40–55
    • Isaiah 56–66
  • Part Two: The Theology That Emerges from Isaiah
    • Revelation: Words from Yahweh Mediated Through Human Agents
    • The God of Israel, the Holy One, Yahweh Armies
    • Holy as Upright and Merciful
    • Israel and Judah
    • Jerusalem and Zion Critiqued and Threatened
    • Jerusalem and Zion Chastised and Restored
    • The Remains
    • The Nations
    • The Empires and Their Kings
    • Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
    • Divine Planning and Human Planning
    • David
    • Yahweh’s Day

Praise for the Print Edition

Just the book for Bible readers who feel lost reading Isaiah! Goldingay proves an engaging, reliable guide, leading us through Isaiah's parts, showing its overall coherence and reviewing its treatment of key theological topics at the end. The result is a readable guidebook to the Isaiah masterpiece, and I'm pleased to recommend it.

—Robert L. Hubbard, Jr., professor emeritus of biblical literature, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago

Based on decades of concentrated analysis of the details of this key prophetic work, John Goldingay's volume highlights those golden threads that wind their way throughout Isaiah, glistening in the light of illumination. The strength of this work is its sensitivity to the thematic emphases of the major sections of Isaiah as well as the book as a whole. It is a helpful guide for those seeking to discover order in the midst of the creative intricacies of the book of Isaiah, whether before they tackle a detailed study of the book or at the end of a period of patient exegesis.

—Mark J. Boda, McMaster Divinity College, McMaster University

With the dust beginning to settle on fresh efforts to read the book of Isaiah as a whole, Goldingay here provides a clear and engaging reintroduction to Isaiah and its theological testimony. Written with his customary wit and flair, and with sensitivity to the literary flow of this ambitious masterwork, The Theology of the Book of Isaiah will profit beginner and expert alike. An impressive accomplishment for a publication of this length and a tribute to Goldingay's clarity of purpose and Isaiah's vision both.

—Christopher Seitz, Toronto School of Theology, Wycliffe College

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About John Goldingay

John Goldingay (PhD, University of Nottingham; DD, Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth) is David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. He was previously principal and a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at St John’s Theological College in Nottingham, England. His books include An Introduction to the Old Testament, The Theology of the Book of Isaiah, Key Questions about Interpretation, Do We Need the Old Testament? and commentaries on Psalms, Isaiah, and Daniel. He has also authored the three-volume Old Testament Theology and the seventeen-volume Old Testament for Everyone series.

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