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Mobile Ed: Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals (Year B)

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Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals (Year B) consists of forty-four video devotionals from top biblical and theological scholars. Following the liturgical seasons of the church year, each segment includes a Scripture passage read aloud and a reflection. The setup is flexible, allowing you to work through the material in sequence or in any order you prefer. Questions at the end of every devotional help to facilitate deeper thinking and further growth in your Bible reading.

For a course bundle covering the entire 3-year liturgical calendar see Mobile Ed: Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals Bundle.

Resource Experts

Course Outline


  • The Church Year by Peter J. Leithart

Anticipating Christ

  • Mark 13:24–37 by Nicholas Perrin
  • 2 Peter 3:8–15 by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
  • John 1:6–8, 19–28 by Grant R. Osborne
  • Luke 1:26–38 by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

The Birth of Christ

  • Titus 2:11–14 by Vincent Bacote
  • Psalm 97:1-12 by Bruce K. Waltke
  • Hebrews 1:1–12 by George H. Guthrie
  • Galatians 4:4–7 by Jerry Root
  • Luke 2:15–21 by Arnold Klukas
  • Revelation 21:1–6 by Grant R. Osborne
  • John 1:1–18 by Michael S. Heiser

Christ Revealed

  • Ephesians 3:1–12 by Grant R. Osborne
  • Mark 1:4–11 by Nicholas Perrin
  • John 1:43–51 by Jerry Root
  • Mark 1:14–20 by Robert L. Gallagher
  • Mark 1:21–28 by Grant R. Osborne
  • Luke 2:22–40 by Darrell L. Bock
  • 1 Corinthians 9:16–23 by Richard S. Park
  • 2 Corinthians 4:3–6 by George H. Guthrie

The Suffering of Christ

  • Psalm 51:1–17 by Robert L. Gallagher
  • Psalm 25:1–10 by Arnold Klukas
  • Romans 4:13–25 by Douglas J. Moo
  • 1 Corinthians 1:18–25 by Michael F. Bird
  • Ephesians 2:1–10 by Michael F. Bird
  • Hebrews 5:5–10 by Scott Harrower

Christ’s Road to the Cross

  • Psalm 118:1–2, 19–30 by Michael F. Bird
  • John 12:1–11 by Robert L. Gallagher
  • Isaiah 49:1–7 by Arnold Klukas
  • Isaiah 50:4–9 by Ben Witherington III
  • 1 Corinthians 11:23–26 by Vincent Bacote
  • Hebrews 10:16–25 by George H. Guthrie
  • Psalm 31:1–4, 15–16 by Arnold Klukas

The Resurrection of Christ

  • Acts 10:34–43 by Darrell L. Bock
  • Luke 24:13–49 by K. Scott Oliphint
  • Acts 4:32–35 by Darrell L. Bock
  • 1 John 3:1–7 by Jerry Root
  • John 10:11–18 by Nicholas Perrin
  • Psalm 22:25–31 by Bruce K. Waltke
  • John 15:9–17 by Millard J. Erickson
  • Acts 1:1–11 by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
  • Psalm 1:1–6 by Dennis R. Magary

The Reign of Christ

  • Romans 8:22–27 by Vincent Bacote
  • Romans 8:12–17 by Richard S. Park
  • Psalm 93:1-5 by Bruce K. Waltke

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  • Title: Reflecting on the Word: Video Devotionals (Year B)
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 7
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Getting the most out of Mobile Ed


Logos Mobile Education is a highly effective cross-platform learning environment that integrates world class teaching with the powerful study tools and theological libraries available in Logos Bible Software. Every course provides links to additional resources and suggested readings that supplement the lecture material at the end of every transcript segment.

This course was produced with screencast videos. These videos provide tutorials showing you how to use Logos Bible Software in ways that are tied directly into the content of the course. We are now producing Activities resources as a replacement for screencast videos. We plan on updating this course to include this additional Activities resource in the future for no extra charge.



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Collection value: $100.00
Save $50.01 (50%)