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Products>Bible Study Magazine, Logos Ed. 2008-2017 (9 vols.)

Bible Study Magazine, Logos Ed. 2008-2017 (9 vols.)

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Make your Bible study more effective, more organized, and more relevant! Bible Study Magazine delivers tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected Bible teachers, professors, historians, and archaeologists. In every 52-page issue, you’ll get sound advice and enriching insights from the pastors and scholars who have spent a lifetime applying the Bible to their lives and teaching others how to do the same.

Expand your study of the Bible, and discover new insights from God’s Word! Read pastor profiles, author interviews, and stories of individuals whose thoughtful engagement with Scripture has shaped their thinking and defined their ministries. Bible Study Magazine reveals the impact of God’s Word on their lives and the power of Scripture in yours.

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Each Issue of Bible Study Magazine Features:

  • Feature Stories
    Discover new ways to connect the Bible with your ministry and life through reading great interviews with and articles from the biggest names in the church and biblical scholarship.
  • Bible Study Tips
    Thoughtful and engaging authors tackle the tough passages in Scripture, explain difficult concepts, and confront complex interpretations in a way that helps God’s Word make sense to your life.
  • On the Cutting Edge
    Keep up-to-date on the latest news in biblical research, including archaeological and historical findings.
  • A New Kind of Bible Study
    Encounter God by yourself or with other believers with an ongoing Bible study in each issue.
  • On Teaching
    Get advice on how to preach or teach the Bible in any setting from well-known pastors and teachers who use the Bible every day.
  • Tool Box
    Learn how to effectively use the latest Bible study tools with our how-to guides.
  • Thoughts from the Ancients
    Read the Bible along with those who have come before you, and learn from the wisdom of the early church—in their own words.
  • Word Studies
    Get a close-up view of the Bible! Each issue contains insights about specific words found in the Bible, and tutorials on how to do word studies.
  • If Only Someone Would Explain It to Me
    Enrich your understanding of the Bible with explanations of biblical and theological concepts by top scholars.
  • Did You Know?
    Discover interesting facts about the Bible in the contemporary and ancient world.
  • What They Don’t Tell You in Church
    See things you never noticed in biblical passages you have read dozens of times.
  • Biblical Humor
    The funniest stories and the best comics related to the Bible, useful for any setting.
  • Book Reviews
    Stay on top of the latest books about Bible study. Each issue contains reviews of the books and commentaries to equip you in your study of God’s Word.

Praise for the Print Edition

. . . a serious, clearly written [publication] that uses biblical scholarship to illuminate but not refute the principal beliefs of evangelical Protestantism. . . . [It] is to Bible studies what Scientific American is to science or Psychology Today to psychology. A thoughtful bridge between the work of scholars and laypersons looking for a deeper understanding of the biblical texts.

—Steve Black

Product Details

  • Title: Bible Study Magazine
  • Editor: David Bomar
  • Associate Editor: Jessi Strong
  • Academic Editor: Douglas Mangum
  • Art Director: Brittany Schrock
  • Production & Circulation Manager: Anna Fejes
  • Advertising Sales: Kevin Bratcher, Andrew Gustafson
  • Marketing: Dan Pritchett, Nick Kelly, Scott Lindsey, Kim Heuss
  • Series: Bible Study Magazine
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: November 2008–October 2017
  • Volumes: 9
  • Issues: 54
  • Resource Type: Magazines
  • Topic: Biblical Studies
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  1. Mattillo



    Please move this into production. It has been up for PreOrder since 2017. Digitizing your own material shouldn't be all that hard
  2. Marty Hebert

    Marty Hebert


    Just curious as to why this went from being "in production" a few years, to "gathering interest" again. What happened?
  3. Armin



    I really hope that this project is not stuck in pre-pub. I placed my order 4 years ago and it is still "gathering interest". I was hoping that since it is a FL product, it would come out quicker. FL, please don't forget this resource.
  4. David Taylor

    David Taylor


    Any news in this? It feels like it’s died in ‘in production’ limbo
  5. Benjamin Handelman
    Is this still being worked on? It seems like it has been marked "In production" for quite some time now.
  6. jeff brewer

    jeff brewer


    will the magazine be tagged like other reference materials from logos? For example if you were doing a search of a subject or word and the search would also include/draw from the BSM content.
  7. Douglas J. Klinsing
    I am a charter subscriber and have a lifetime subscription. I love the magazine, read it thoroughly, and look forward to be able to have it in digital form.
  8. Franky Wong

    Franky Wong


    Would Logos consider offering any additional discount to charter subscribers, who have been subscribing from 2008 through 2017?
  9. Steven Stadler

    Steven Stadler


    When will we be able to subscribe to this as a digital resource instead of a print edition?


Collection value: $134.91
Save $59.92 (44%)

Gathering interest