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An Empty Tomb

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Explore An Empty First-Century Tomb

When an Israeli boy scout stumbled into an undiscovered first-century tomb at Akeldama not many years ago, a race against time began: archaeologists had to examine the site before looters did. What they found in this “Tomb of the Shroud” was highly valuable: an undisturbed tomb made very near the time of Jesus. Like Joseph of Arimathea’s “new tomb,” the one in which Jesus spent three nights, this one at Akeldama was “hewn out of the rock.” This find gave students of Scripture opportunities for insight into the most important empty tomb in history.

In the Empty Tomb interactive, biblical archaeologist Craig Evans takes viewers on a video tour of the spot and explains what truths were uncovered there—and how they shed light on Scripture.

Writer Mark Ward also provides theological and devotional reflections on the find. Take a unique tour through this series of brief articles and videos.

  • Multiple videos of Dr. Craig Evans at Akeldama and inside the Tomb of the Shroud, explaining various features of the site
  • Eight theological and devotional articles reflecting on the lessons of the Tomb of the Shroud
  • Infographics and panoramic photographs of the Tomb of the Shroud


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