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Romans Verse by Verse (Osborne New Testament Commentaries)

ISBN: 9781683590538
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Romans Verse by Verse

Romans is Paul’s theological magnum opus. Within its pages, we have the Apostle Paul’s fullest presentation of the good news he preached. Written from Corinth in AD 57 to a church he had not yet met, Romans is his masterful presentation of the dire situation all humans find themselves in, the grace of God in sending us salvation, and how we should live in light of God’s great love for us.

In Romans Verse by Verse, Grant R. Osborne unpacks what this towering letter means for us today. Familiar with scholarly discussions yet committed to making Romans intelligible to the lay reader, Osborne skillfully explains what it meant for its original audience and how it applies to us today.

Praise for Romans Verse by Verse

Grant Osborne's commentary on Romans reflects everything we have come to expect from a scholar who is one of the deans of evangelical scholarship. Osborne's exegesis of Romans, which he rightly says is Paul's most important letter, is marked by clarity, exegetical rigor, and yet also has a pastoral tone. We can be grateful to receive the fruit of Osborne's scholarship, which reflects his many years of study, writing, and teaching. Students, pastors, and all those who desire to understand Romans will be helped by Osborne's contribution.

—Thomas R. Schreiner, professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Grant Osborne is one of my favorite expositors. In this commentary, he explains the meaning of every verse of the great book of Romans. Sometimes he introduces ongoing debates over some passages, but he never lets that detract from the task of getting his readers to grasp the meaning of the text. When necessary, Osborne rounds off his exposition by referring to other passages of Scripture, giving us a fuller biblical teaching on a theme. Throughout, he makes a conscientious effort to show how the teaching of Romans applies in daily life. These are the elements that make for great exposition, and here we see exposition at its best.

—Ajith Fernando, teaching director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

Top Highlights

“I believe Paul’s main purpose for writing to the Romans was that he believed God was leading him to begin the second half of his life’s work in the western half of the Roman Empire. He hoped the church at Rome would have the same place in his mission work in the west that Antioch had in his three missionary journeys to the east (Acts 13:1–3)—to be the sending church. Thus in part Romans is a letter of introduction to begin familiarizing the church of Rome with Paul and his gospel.” (Page 6)

“The point is clear: to live according to the flesh is defeat, and to live according to the Spirit is victory. When the Spirit becomes the active force in a believer’s life, the flesh is defeated and victory ensues.” (Page 220)

“The point here is that he was fully revealed as the Son by his resurrection. His essential being does not change, but his revelation to humankind has come in stages.” (Page 22)

“There is general agreement regarding the date as well—about ad 57.” (Page 2)

“We have a twofold liberation: the Spirit sets us free at conversion and then is present throughout life to strengthen and enable us to triumph in the ensuing battles against invading sin.” (Page 222)

The Osborne New Testament Commentaries

Lexham Press is proud to announce a New Testament commentary series from respected biblical scholar Grant R. Osborne. His seminal work, The Hermeneutical Spiral, has become a standard for biblical interpretation, and as a culmination of his life’s ministry, he's bringing his academic acumen to an accessible, application-focused commentary.

The Osborne New Testament Commentaries interpret Scripture verse by verse, bridging the gap between scholarship and the Church. This set of commentaries is for people seeking a straightforward explanation of the text in its context, avoiding either oversimplification or technical complexity. Osborne brings out the riches of the New Testament, making each book accessible for pastors and all who consider themselves students of Scripture.

Learn more about the other titles in this series.


Praise for the Osborne New Testament Commentaries

With this new series, readers will have before them what we—his students—experienced in all of Professor Osborne's classes: patient regard for every word in the text, exegetical finesse, a preference for an eclectic resolution to the options facing the interpreter, a sensitivity to theological questions, and most of all a reverence for God's word.

—Scot McKnight, Julius R. Mantey Professor in New Testament, Northern Seminary

The Osborne New Testament Commentaries draw from the deep well of a lifetime of serious study and teaching. They present significant interpretive insights in a highly accessible, spiritually nurturing format. This is a tremendous resource that will serve a new generation of Bible readers well for years to come. Highly recommended!

—Andreas J. Kӧstenberger, Founder of Biblical Foundations™, senior research professor of New Testament & biblical theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


  • Introduction to Romans
  • Paul Introduces Himself and His Gospel
  • God’s Wrath against the Gentiles
  • The Truth of God’s Judgment on the Jews
  • The Jewish Failure to Keep the Law
  • The Sinfulness of the Jews and of All Humanity
  • The Righteousness of God at Work in Justification
  • Righteousness by Faith Alone: The Model of Abraham, Part 1
  • Righteousness by Faith Alone: The Model of Abraham, Part 2
  • The Blessings of Justification: A New Peace and Hope in Christ
  • New Life as Christ Overcomes Adam’s Sin
  • Dying to Sin through the New Life in Christ
  • Freedom from Sin’s Enslaving Power
  • Freedom from Condemnation under the Law, Part 1: The Unbeliever and the Law
  • Freedom from Condemnation under the Law, Part 2: The Believer and the Law
  • New Life in the Spirit
  • New Hope of Glory in the Spirit
  • The Security and Victory of the Believer
  • Paul’s Sorrow: Israel’s Curse and Divine Election
  • The Choosing and Establishment of God’s New Community
  • Israel’s Responsibility for Rejecting God’s Offer, Part 1: Righteousness and Salvation by Faith
  • Israel’s Responsibility for Rejecting God’s Offer, Part 2: God’s Future Place for Jews and Gentiles
  • Israel’s Responsibility for Rejecting God’s Offer, Part 3: Future Salvation for Israel
  • Living Life in the Spirit: Exhortation to Live the Christian Life
  • Exhortation to Live the Christian Life in Love
  • Responsibility to Government and Neighbor
  • Love and Unity in the Community, Part 1: The Command to Stop Fighting
  • Love and Unity in the Community, Part 2: Don’t Be a Stumbling Block
  • Love and Unity in the Community, Part 3: Bear the Burdens of the Weak
  • Paul’s Ministry Plans
  • Concluding Greetings

Product Details

  • Title: Romans Verse by Verse
  • Author: Grant R. Osborne
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Page Count: 542
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781683590538
Grant R. Osborne

Grant R. Osborne (1942–2018) was an award-winning author and theologian. Osborne earned a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He has also did academic research at at the University of Cambridge and the University of Marburg.

Osborne served as the professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Prior to that, he taught at Winnipeg Theological Seminary and the University of Aberdeen.

Osborne was a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Institute of Biblical Research. His areas of expertise included the Gospels, hermeneutics, and the book of Revelation.

Along with editing The IVP New Testament Commentary Series and The Life Application Bible Commentary, Osborne also authored several titles including The Hermeneutical Spiral, the volume on Revelation in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series, and several other commentary volumes.


Sample Pages from Romans Verse by Verse


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Print list price: $29.99
Save $3.00 (10%)