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Matthew 1–13 (Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 33a | WBC)

Format: Digital
, 1993
ISBN: 9781418503819


One of the most detailed and thorough treatments of Matthew ever written, Donald Hagner’s commentary addresses the relationship of Matthew to Luke and Mark, examines the major issues for interpreting Matthew, and provides an fresh translation based on engagement with the book’s textual history. Focusing on interpretation and message of Jesus’ kingdom, Hagner draws out illuminating theological themes, applying them to contemporary life.

  • Title: Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 33A: Matthew 1–13
  • Author: Donald A. Hagner
  • Series: Word Biblical Commentary
  • Volume: 33A
  • Publisher: Word
  • Print Publication Date: 1993
  • Logos Release Date: 2002
  • Pages: 504
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital > Logos Edition
  • Subjects: Bible > Commentaries--Collected works; Bible. N.T. Matthew > Commentaries
  • ISBN: 9781418503819
  • Resource ID: LLS:29.45.3
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
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Donald A. Hagner is the George Eldon Ladd Emeritus Professor of New Testament and the senior professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of Encountering the Book of Hebrews, The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus, and The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction. Hagner is the coeditor of the New International Greek Testament Commentary with I. Howard Marshall and an ordained minister in the American Presbyterian Church.