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Woman's Study Bible

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781418502645


Features study articles, annotations, and more than 300 topical notes on hundreds of subjects of interest to women. Written from a conservative perspective that honors the special role women have throughout the Scriptures. It includes portraits of more than 100 women of the Bible, inspirational quotations, and 175 original in-text charts and maps. Written, edited, and produced by women for women. All students, pastors, and teachers will appreciate seeing the Scriptures from this fresh viewpoint.

Please note: This product does not contain the Bible text, but it does include all the study notes found in the equivalent print version. You can purchase your preferred translation here or in a Logos Bible Software collection. The Woman's Study Bible can be used together with any Bible in your digital library. Just open The Woman's Study Bible and another Bible, then click the "chain link" icon in each resource and select "Set A" for each. (Need Help? Watch a tutorial video!)

  • Title: The Woman’s Study Bible
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Print Publication Date: 1995
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital > Logos Edition
  • Subject: Bible > Handbooks, manuals, etc
  • ISBN: 9781418502645
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  • Resource Type: Study Bible
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