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Great Doctrines of the Bible (3 vols.)

, 1996–1998
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Theology isn’t just for scholars—it is for everyone. For that reason, Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave a series of lectures at Westminster Chapel to help ordinary people understand and apply theology to their own lives. This book is the fruit of those lectures.

As a complete systematic Christian theology, the book covers, among others, Christian beliefs about Scripture, the attributes of God, the life and work of Jesus, the Fall, redemption, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the nature of the church, and last things. The book is written in clear language and contains guidance for application. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the great doctrines of the Bible but doesn’t want to wade through lengthy academic works should read this book.

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The first volume, God the Father, God the Son focuses on the very character of God and the life and work of his Son, including his eternal decrees, his attributes, original sin, redemption, the covenant of grace, and the Incarnation. God the Father, God the Son will help you to truly know God and his Word better. And in that pursuit, you can never go wrong. Because someday, somewhere, you will need to know—and share—the Truth with someone else.

Volume two, God the Holy Spirit, explores in detail the person and vital work of the Holy Spirit. He is a divine and mighty power who is active in conversion, redemption, regeneration, sanctification, and the assurance of salvation. Martyn Lloyd-Jones also considers within these pages Pentecost, baptism of the Spirit, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit—all to give you a better understanding of this least known member of the Trinity.

The Church and the Last Things, the third and final volume, explores in detail two doctrines that bear great impact on your today and all your tomorrows—the nature of the church, and the doctrine of the last things. Here is perspective on the Bible's various references to the church, plus a study of unity, baptism , church government, and the sacraments--all according to Scripture. Martyn Lloyd-Jones also carefully considers the various views regarding Christ's second coming, what God's Word communicates about the last days, and the meaning of Jesus' return for ourselves as well as the world. It's important reading, not just for admirers of this great preacher, but for Christians everywhere.

  • Title: Great Doctrines of the Bible (3 vols.)
  • Author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • Publisher: Crossway Books
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 928
  • Volumes: 3
  • Format: Digital > Logos Research Edition
  • Resource ID: {EA8A46AD-C335-4D2F-8939-676E47301E02}
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Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) is recognized as one of the last century's most gifted preachers and writers. He served as minister of Westminster Chapel in London for twenty-five years and preached extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Through his devotional writings, commentaries and other books, Lloyd-Jones has had a profound influence upon the Christian church and the lives of many thousands worldwide.


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  1. David Anfinrud
    I Like the way Martyn Llyod-Jones emphasis using the Bible sources only to talk about each of the Doctrines Found in the Bible. No outside sources used to get to a specific idea. But the Bible Centered teaching of Doctrine. the key to Faith is keep it centered on the Bible. This is a good Set of books from a great Minister. We can all learn some very Biblical Truths from what he presents. This is not Theology because as he describes Theology starts with the Bible and uses other sources to make their Case. This is a Doctrine of the Bible. The Bible is the prime source of understanding God. IT needs to be center of our beliefs. Let the Holy SPirit open your eyes and bless you as you work deeper into his Word the Bible.
  2. Roger Rockne

    Roger Rockne


  3. sungsumin



  4. Faithlife User
  5. Roberto L. Galvão
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