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Reach More Readers through Logos Bible Software

When your book becomes a Logos edition, it’s transformed into a super-powered reference work used by tens of thousands of pastors, scholars, and other believers all over the world.


The Logos Edition Advantage

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Reach Avid Christian Bibliophiles

Our customers scour our site every day for the latest and greatest Christian books and reference works.

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Increase Discoverability

Logos Bible Software will surface passages from your books to users as they study a related biblical passage or topic.

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Maximize Revenue

With your permission, we can bundle your book in a collection with other highly sought-after resources.

Submission Requirements

Full Rights

You must possess full rights to publish the resource.

A Proven Sales History

Give us an estimate of how many units of the resource you’ve sold. We’ll consider a resource with at least a few hundred orders.

A PDF of the Resource

We’ll review the content and let you know if we think it’s a good fit for our customers.

A Paragraph Summary

What’s your book about? No need to go in-depth. We just want to get a sense of the content and what sets it apart. Short and sweet is best.

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