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Review Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to review our products, blogs, and websites; at Faithlife we value your opinions and appreciate your feedback. Our goal is to keep product reviews specific and helpful to other customers. We do not delete comments based on negative feedback, but rather inappropriate and irrelevant content.

Faithlife moderates all review submissions to ensure that only reviews that offer helpful insight, relating directly to the product, are published. Faithlife reserves the right to accept or reject any review.

Play Nice

Inappropriate content
Honesty is encouraged, but there's no need for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of prejudice.
Your review should be specific to the product. Reviews aren’t the place for outbursts about business practices, political ideologies, uncommon circumstances, or other issues that don’t speak to the core of the consumer experience.
Personal experience
Use your own experience and avoid broad generalizations and conclusory accusations.
Promotional content
Avoid leaving promotional information; phone numbers, postal mailings, and URLs to external websites.
Please refrain from sharing special discounts or personal offers you’ve received.

Other Places to Share

Christian Discourse
A place for honest conversations about the things that matter most. It’s designed to guide you in exploring Christianity through discussion. You’ll find conversations on theology, apologetics, devotional thoughts, Bible questions, and more—all tied to Christian living.
Community forums
You’ll find a forum for nearly every platform and product from Faithlife Corporation. You can get the answers you need about any number of Faithlife-related issues. You can find specific forums for: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more, as well as report bugs and submit suggestions.