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Understanding Theology, Volume 2

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781857925371


The much anticipated second volume from the Westminster School of Theology is full of the probing theology that made the first volume so popular. In these collected notes from Kendall's lectures to his students at Westminster you will find analysis of biblical inerrancy, the attributes of God, the Holy Spirit, predestination vs. free will, gender roles, baptism, experiencing God, faith and works, prayer, spiritual warfare, temptation, and Heaven. The outline format of the Understanding Theology Volume 2 offers many volumes worth of material in its 548 pages.

Praise for the Print Edition

A wonderful opportunity to come to grips with the essential truths of the Bible. Suitable for church leaders, students, and all those who believe that Scripture and the Holy Spirit can change lives today.

—Clive Calver, Senior pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church

A changing world needs a changeless Word. R. T.'s inspiring teaching introduces us again to the eternal truths of Scripture.

—Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman, Christian Action Research and Education

Product Details

  • Title: Understanding Theology, Volume 2
  • Author: R. T. Kendall
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 548

About R. T. Kendall

R. T. Kendall was born in the U.S.A but ministered for over twenty years at Westminster Chapel, London as a successor to Martyn Lloyd Jones. A prolific author and much-loved conference speaker, he has a great gift in helping people understand that biblical passages are relevant for today. Now retired, he has an extensive itinerant teaching ministry and lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.