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King Saul in the Historiography of Judah

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ISBN: 9781850753216


This volume contains a sustained close reading of 1 Samuel 8 to 2 Samuel 1 from a perspective of the intended ancient audience. A conscious effort is made here to read and understand the text through the eyes of an ancient Israelite, to the extent that the worldview and idioms of the late seventh-century BCE Judah can be reconstructed. This study reveals a coherent, carefully developed narrative of Saul’s career as the first king of Israel.

Key Features

  • Literary analysis of the biblical narrative of Saul's life
  • All references to the Old Testament are linked to original language texts and English translations in your library

Product Details

  • Title: King Saul in the Historiography of Judah
  • Author: Diana Vikander Edelman
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 1991
  • Pages: 352

About Diana Vikander Edelman

Diana Vikander Edelman is a Reader in the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. He received a B.A. in Religion at Smith College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. She has participated in numerous archaeological excavations in Palestine.

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