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Ahab Agonistes: The Rise and Fall of the Omri Dynasty

Format: Digital
, 2007
ISBN: 9780567045409


In this volume, the European Seminar in Historical Methodology uses the period of the 9th and 8th centuries BCE as a field for investigating the question of writing a history of Israel. This period provides a striking example in which the biblical text can be compared with other written and artifactual sources. Contributors explore a variety of aspects of the history of the period of Omri and Ahab and the following Jehu dynasty. As a volume it provides a comprehensive picture of the sources, the historical problems, and the areas of major debate.

Key Features

  • Includes scholarly findings of Old Testament scholars, historians, archeologists, and sociologists
  • All references to the Old Testament are linked to original language texts and English translations in your library


  • "Can Prophetic Texts Be Dates? Amos 1–2 as an Example," Hans M. Barstad
  • "The House of Omri/Ahab in Chronicles," Ehud Ben Zvi
  • "The Kingdom of Israel from Omri to the Fall of Samaria," Lester L. Grabbe
  • "Was Omride Israel a Sovereign State?," Ernst Axel Knauf
  • "The Tel Dan Inscription (KAI 310) and the Political Relations between Aram-Damascus and Israel," Ingo Kottsieper
  • "The Mesha Stele and the Omri Dynasty" Andre Lemaire
  • "Royal Inscription Versus Prophetic Story: Mesha’s Rebellion According to Biblical and Moabite Historiography," Nadav Na’aman
  • "Royal Samaria—Capital or Residence?," Hermann Michael Niemann
  • "What Is in a Text? Searching for Jezebel," Dagmar Pruin
  • "A Testimony of the Good King: Reading the Mesha Stele," Thomas L. Thompson
  • "Samaria, Jezreel and Megiddo: Royal Centres of Omri and Ahab," David Ussishkin
  • "The Architecture of Israelite Temples," David A. Warburton

Product Details

  • Title: Ahab Agonistes: The Rise and Fall of the Omri Dynasty
  • Author: Lester L. Grabbe
  • Publisher: T & T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 368

About Lester L. Grabbe

Lester L. Grabbe is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism at the University of Hull. He is founder and convener of the European Seminar in Historical Methodology.

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