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Men's Ministry Catalyst Collection (5 vols.)

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Sports enthusiasts looking for a relatable Bible study need look no further than the Men's Ministry Catalyst Collection (5 vols.). Written by an avid outdoorsman and former television personality, these five books go beyond biblical basics and dive deep in focusing on Christ and his calling in our lives. Jim Grassi uses real-life stories from his personal adventures and the experience of other figures in the sports world to show God’s presence and work in an arena where Christ is rarely mentioned or given credit. These authentic and entertaining stories illustrate God’s power, grace, and love in moments we wouldn’t necessarily expect it.

This series is perfect for those looking to seek a deeper spiritual understanding in their daily lives. The collection illustrates practical ways to grow daily in our spiritual walk. With study questions and personal applications at the end of each chapter, Grassi’s books both challenge and encourage the reader. This series is not only a great read, but a call to share Christ with others and seek him for direction in overcoming our obstacles, whether they are great or small.

Grassi’s clever and personal illustrations make these books relatable, simple to understand, and practical to apply to your life today. Not only is this a series great for individual Bible Study, the Men's Ministry Catalyst Collection (5 vols.) is also a useful collection to use for Bible study groups. With the Logos Bible Software edition of the Men's Ministry Catalyst Collection, you can make your Bible study more effective. Scripture references are linked directly to your favored Bible translation, making your Bible study and teaching preparations more effective and rewarding.

Key Features

  • Numerous entertaining and applicable stories and examples
  • Practical ideas to encourage and renew your personal life
  • Scripture citations are linked directly to your preferred Bible

Praise for the Print Edition

A great storyteller who is a good fisherman is hard to find. My longtime friend Jim Grassi does both with skill. He helps us understand the truths that transform lives from the greatest story ever told—the Holy Bible.

—Al Lindner, President, In-Fisherman Communications Network

One day Jim Grassi made the connection between his avid love for fishing and his even more avid love for Jesus Christ. Sparks began to fly. Today, Jim has taken his two magnificent obsessions and molded them into one with astounding results.

—Tim Hansel, Ignite Inc.

Product Details

  • Title: Men's Ministry Catalyst Collection
  • Author: Jim Grassi
  • Volumes: 5
  • Pages: 1,320

Individual Titles

Crunch Time in the Red Zone

  • Author: Jim Grassi
  • Publisher: Men’s Ministry Catalyst
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 247

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It's that time when all resources and effort must be expended to reach the goal. It's that time when the men get separated from the boys. During this time, committed athletes who perform at their peak level distance themselves from those players who just show up. Charismatic leaders use this time to motivate, inspire, and direct their teams to victory. Dr. Grassi shows you how to incorporate that Red Zone mentality into your life—not just to win a football game, but also to win at life. These readings mix faith, stories, and information to inspire and entertain everyone who loves the game of football.

Jim Grassi has had a tremendous impact and influence on our football team for years. He is a man of great integrity. In Crunch Time in the Red Zone, he shares some of these very personal experiences with you. It is both insightful and inspiring.

—Rich Gannon, MVP Quarterback, Television Commentator

Overcoming adversity, developing character, selflessness through teamwork, growing your faith by getting out of your comfort zone—lessons learned on the gridiron that can be applied in everyday life. Jim Grassi’s Crunch Time in the Red Zone brings the reader right into the huddle. Thanks, Jim for allowing people to understand that football is more than just a game!

—Brent Jones, Former 49ers All-Pro Tight End, Television Commentator

This is a splendid book. For the reader who is a football fan, it is interesting and entertaining. For the reader who has a Christ-shaped hole in his heart, it is fulfilling and inspiring. It warms my heart that Jim Grassi has cited my husband as a fine football coach and a dedicated man of God—both of which he was. Our family is honored to have this book dedicated to our ‘hero’—Tom Landry.

—Mrs. Tom Landry

Through the use of carefully crafted metaphors and analogies, Jim shares authentic experiences that help us overcome obstacles, strengthen our character, and expand our faith. Recognized by some players as the Character Coach, Grassi offers many great ideas that will better prepare the reader to understand the sport of football and the game of life.

—Steve Wisniewski, 8-time All-Pro Guard, Oakland Raiders

Jim Grassi explores the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of NFL players. Crunch Time in the Red Zone is an enlightening experience that shows the true character of today's heroes of the gridiron.

—Mike Waufle, Defensive Line Coach, Oakland Raiders

Heaven on Earth: True Stories of Fishing and Faith

  • Author: Jim Grassi
  • Publisher: Harvest House
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 223

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Every Fisherman has a story to tell. In Heaven on Earth, Jim Grassi shares fishing stories from top pro fishermen, athletes, musicians, pastors, and artists, along with the life-changing discoveries they have made. Through these authentic experiences, you'll discover powerful tools for overcoming obstacles, strengthening your faith, and sharing the gospel.

Every Christian fisherman will enjoy the interweaving of faith and fishing in Jim Grassi's Heaven on Earth. It is the culmination of a lifetime spent enjoying the challenges of fishing. . . . and using it as an instrument for spreading the words of Christ as a way of life.

—"Uncle Homer" Circle, Outdoor Writer

Every problem. . . . can be solved by biblical truth. Heaven on Earth shares the practical application of some of these truths.

—Ron Shearer, TV Host, "The Greatest American Outdoors with Ron Shearer"

The Ultimate Fishing Challenge

  • Author: Jim Grassi
  • Publisher: Jim Grassi
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 197

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Why did Jesus choose Fishermen? Successful anglers have three characteristics in common: patience, commitment, and willingness to go where the fish are. The Ultimate Fishing Challenge draws you into the camaraderie of fishermen to discover how you can develop deeper spiritual understanding, stronger relationships, and renewed commitment to sharing Christ with others. Through insightful and often humorous stories, Grassi takes you on an expedition that explores the unique role you can have in God's plan.

Thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal group or individual study. Formerly titled Promising Waters.

Jim Grassi has been an inspiration to me—not only for his Christian beliefs, but for the way he lives those beliefs. In this book, Jim parallels the ministry of sharing the gospel with fishing in a way that any fisherman can understand.

—Jimmy Houston, Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Anybody who fishes knows that patience and perseverance are keys to success. The same holds true about our Christian walk. The Ultimate Fishing Challenge will help disciples grow in their faith and commitment.

—Al Lindner, Lindner's Angling Edge

The Ultimate Hunt

  • Author: Jim Grassi
  • Publisher: Jim Grassi
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 229

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Every hunter knows the thrill of pursuing a majestic elk, a dangerous grizzly bear, or a ferocious wild boar. But this exhilaration is nothing compared with the adventure of seeking God. As a nationally renowned sportsman and story teller, Jim Grassi knows the ins and outs of hunting wild game. He is in the record book with bow and arrow. And with his pastor's heart and knowledge of Scripture, he is the ideal guide for an exploration of the God who created all of nature.

The Ultimate Hunt reveals the character and attributes of God through powerful biblical insights and dramatic real-life stories that capture the excitement of the hunt. As you track wild game through dense forests with Jim and some of his friends, you'll also learn about God's awesome power, liberating grace, and unconditional love. You'll quickly see why the search for a deeper relationship with God is the ultimate hunt.

Thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal group or individual study.

The Ultimate Hunt is a powerful book for all who love the out-of-doors. Jim Grassi has a way of making nature and God's message easy to understand. I only wish such a book were available 30 years ago.

—Charles J. Alsheimer, Northern field editor, Deer and Deer Hunting magazine

Wading through the Chaos: Seeking God's Perspective on Life's Journey

  • Author: James E. Grassi
  • Publisher: Men's Ministry Catalyst
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: vii, 417

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

If ever there was a time when we need to comfort and encourage one another—it is now! America has never experienced the depth of moral, spiritual, and economic decay that presently exists. Stress and anxiety abound everywhere—often producing despair, fear, and depression.

Too often our thoughts and actions are captive to being stressed for success. The tyranny of the urgent replaces those things in life that are truly important and eternal. Our frantic culture puts forth philosophies such as:

  • It's better to burn out than rust out
  • Enough is never enough
  • Being number one is all that matters
  • Being important is more important than doing what is important

Wading through the Chaos helps us to gain a biblical perspective on life. True success is defined through those attitudes and actions that have significance and an eternal perspective. We can learn to live a joy-filled life that experiences God's comfort and peace by meditating upon His Word through daily devotions. Through beautiful metaphors and short stories you will see a biblical perspective on problem solving and crisis management.

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About James E. Grassi

Dr. Jim Grassi is an award winning author, communicator, outdoorsman, pastor, and former television co-host. His practical approach to teaching biblical truth has captivated audiences around the world. Through the multi-faceted outreach of Outdoor Connection Ministries and many personal appearances, he encourages his audiences to a greater appreciation and understanding of God's plan for mankind.