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Continental Commentary Series: Isaiah 1–12 (CC)


With this first of three volumes of Wildberger’s commentary on Isaiah 1–39, English-speaking readers have access to the most exhaustive and, in many respects, the most helpful analysis of a major prophetic voice from eighth century Israel. The pattern of other Old Testament volumes in the Continental Commentaries Series is followed here also. Each successive unit of the text is treated under six headings:

  • Text—a fresh translation and text-critical notes
  • Form—literary form and metrical patterns
  • Setting—date, place, sitz im leben, authenticity
  • Commentary—verse-by-verse discussion of what the text meant to its original hearers and readers
  • Purpose and Thrust—the theological intention of the text

Praise for the Print Edition

This excellent commentary is certainly the most exhaustive of works available on the chapters with which it deals. I recommend it unreservedly to all serious students of the Old Testament.

—John Bright, author of A History of Israel

Wildberger’s commentary has turned out to be his Lebenswerk, and it is itself a noble tribute to a scholar who is theological sensitive, aware of differing opinions, and fair in dealing with them. It is the best existing commentary on the book of Isaiah.

—Roland E. Murphy, author of the Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 22: Proverbs

Wildberger’s commentary on Isaiah 1–12 is a work of such importance that it must be carefully studied by each serious student of Isaiah. It is a rich and significant contribution.

—Gerhard F. Hasel, author of Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate

Product Details

  • Title: Continental Commentary Series: Isaiah 1–12
  • Author: Hans Wildberger
  • Translator: Thomas H. Trapp
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 1991
  • Pages: 536

About Hans Wildberger

Hans Wildberger was professor of Old Testament at the University of Zurich. He has authored numerous articles and books on Old Testament theology.