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Continental Commentary Series: Theology of the Psalms (CC)

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780800695064


Hans-Joachim Kraus’s Theology of the Psalms is meant to accompany, enrich, and complement his magisterial 2-volume commentary (also available in this collection). In the Psalms, Yahweh reveals himself in the history of his people. The Psalms point beyond themselves to the mystery and wonder of revelation and concealment, of the presence and distance of the God of Israel. The theology of the Psalms could be called “a biblical theology in miniature,” for in them are revealed the complexity of the manner in which Israel’s faith, confession, praise, and prayer are brought together.

Praise for the Print Edition

Exceptionally rich, presenting the fruits of a lifetime of research in an attractive and helpful way.

—James Limburg, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Product Details

  • Title: Continental Commentary Series: Theology of the Psalms
  • Author: Hans-Joachim Kraus
  • Translator: Keith Crim
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 1982
  • Pages: 236

About Hans-Joachim Kraus

Hans-Joachim Kraus has held professorships at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg, and Gottingen and is an internationally respected Old Testament scholar. Among his influential books are Worship in Israel: A Cultic History of the Old Testament, The Threat and the Power, and The People of God.