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Tongues Aflame: Learning to Preach from the Apostles
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Tongues Aflame: Learning to Preach from the Apostles


Christian Focus 2004

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Remember when you left seminary or took up your present pastorate, and you were going to set the church aflame with your sound biblical exposition, your sweeping theological insights and your homiletical eloquence? Roger Wagner suggests that maybe it is time to re-examine the preaching of Paul, Peter and Stephen and reconsider what it was in their preaching that not only set the Church aflame but set the world on fire as well.

Wagner sets out to give you the insights you need to preach like those closest to Jesus. He first looks at the characteristics of New Testament preaching and then looks in more detail at ten sermons preached in Acts by Peter, Paul, and Stephen. An appendix deals with how to preach to the modern, pluralist, materialist, pagan society we live in. Dissatisfied with your sermons? You too can preach like an Apostle!

Praise for the Print Edition

As a Bible believing minister you are already accustomed to using the Scriptures for the content of your messages. Now I am calling you to examine the way the sermons in Acts can also give you insights into how to shape the form of your messages, and let the apostolic preachers become your examples of how to deliver sermons that will be powerful and effective.

—Roger Wagner, from the introduction

Preachers dissatisfied with archaic, ingrown traditionalism on the one hand and with relativistic contextualization on the other will find in Tongues Aflame a biblical alternative that is faithful to Scripture, personally challenging, and stimulating in its passionate confidence that preaching as Peter, Stephen, and Paul did will advance Christ's reign of grace in the 21st century, as it did in the first.

—Dennis E. Johnson, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary in California, Escondido, California

Product Details

  • Title: Tongues Aflame: Learning to Preach from the Apostles
  • Author: Roger Wagner
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 384

About Roger Wagner

Roger Wagner is Pastor of Bayview Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Chula Vista California. He has been there for over 20 years.

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