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The Renewal of Sunday Worship (Library of Christian Worship, vol. 3)

, 1993
ISBN: 9781562330132


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The Renewal of Sunday Worship begins with an examination of the heritage and worship of more than 60 traditional and contemporary Christian denominations, ministries, and fellowships—each written by a representative leader from that group. The topical sections include extensive articles presenting models for worship renewal and resources for Sunday worship, preaching, and worship leadership.

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  • Title: The Renewal of Sunday Worship (Library of Christian Worship: vol. 3)
  • Author: Robert Webber
  • Publisher: Star Song Pub. Group
  • Publication Date: 1993
Robert E. Webber

Robert Webber (1933–2007) was known for his work on worship and the early church. The son of a Baptist minister, Webber was raised in the Belgian Congo where his parents were missionaries. He studied at Bob Jones University, Reformed Episcopal Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, and Concordia Seminary.

Webber taught theology at Wheaton College for 32 years and was the Myers Professor of Ministry at Northern Seminary. In 1998, as a part of the Convergence Movement, Webber founded The Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies school which focused exclusively on worship education.

Later in his life, Webber took a special interest in Christian worship practice and wrote and edited more than 40 books on this topic including the Ancient-Future series and The Complete Library of Christian Worship.



3 ratings

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  1. Ralph A. Abernethy III
  2. Glenn Crouch

    Glenn Crouch


    This 3rd volume in this excellent series on Worship has an awful lot of material packed into it. I found it a fascinating look at the ways many different denomination worshipped - and whilst this is naturally very American in its approach, I still found it quite informative. Once again this does have an encyclopedia style to it and as such there is a bit of repetition in this volume - but it would only really be noticed if you do, as I did, and read it cover-to-cover. This volume has a wealth of articles looking at how and why worship is done, aiming to supply resources for Worship renewal. I believe it is a very worthwhile practice to see how and why other do these things - this does not mean that we have to change things - often we get, not only a better understanding about the worship in fellow denominations, but a better understanding why we do things we do. Well worth a read for all Christians - though especially for those involved in Worship leading / organising.

  3. Richard Villarreal


Digital list price: $44.99
Save $9.00 (20%)