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The College Press NIV Commentary: 1 Corinthians

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1 Corinthians was written to a church rocked by division, with great cracks developing over worldly issues. The church at Corinth is a warning of what our churches today are fast becoming. The beloved church of the Corinthians had become world based, glory motivated, and grounded in immorality. But there was hope, found in a detailed plan by Paul intended to bring the Corinthian church back to repentance, unity, and most importantly back to God. We call this plan 1 Corinthians, a letter written for the sake of restoration. This makes 1 Corinthians one of the most important books we can turn for leadership, as we bring our churches back to God. It is in this letter that we find many of the basic truths that we hold today. Paul covers the sanctity of marriage, the spiritual destruction that comes with sexual immorality, issues of civil law, and the discipline of Christian brothers and sisters who refuse to put off their evil ways. Of special interest today are the sections on spiritual gifts and the chapter on the resurrection. 1 Corinthians deals with most of the issues in our churches today. It will bring to you a greater understanding of how God expects his church to be—fully devoted to Him in love and unity.

  • Title: The College Press NIV Commentary: 1 Corinthians
  • Author: Richard Oster
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: 1995