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The Epistles of John: Walking in the Light of God's Love

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780964139244


There are other New Testament letters which are much longer and seemingly more important than the Epistles of John. Yet these three small letters are verse for verse some of the most profound writings in the entire Bible. While the vocabulary in these letters is simple, the thoughts are profound. These three epistles have long been at the center of the Gospel debate. Entire books on assurance have been written based on an extremely unfortunate misunderstanding of First John. Such books undermine assurance by wrongly pointing readers to their works, rather than Christ, for assurance. In this remarkable commentary the reader will find both solid exegesis and practical application. This is a commentary that is sure to equip and encourage believers until Christ returns.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Outstanding verse-by-verse exposition of 1–3 John
  • A clear defense of the Gospel of grace
  • A thorough explanation of the ground of assurance being God’s infallible promises, not our fallible works
  • Engaging calls to personal holiness
  • Warnings about false teachers and false teachings
  • Helpful insights into the judgment seat of Christ and how to prepare for it
  • Exciting teaching on the crucial role of prayer in overcoming your sinful inclinations
  • Exhortations to support those who accurately proclaim God’s truth


Product Details

  • Title: The Epistles of John: Walking in the Light of God's Love
  • Author: Zane C. Hodges
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 312

About Zane C. Hodges

Zane C. Hodges is founder and president of Kerugma, Inc. He was formerly the chairman of the New Testament department at Dallas Theological Seminary where he taught for twenty-seven years. He holds degrees from Wheaton College and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has over forty years experience as a pastor and has authored many outstanding books and articles.

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