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Run Baby, Run

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ISBN: 9780882706306


What a thrilling story! This is the dramatic testimony of Nicky Cruz’s desperate battle against drugs, alcoholism and the brutal environment in which he lived. He was the warlord of a vicious New York City gang, an experienced thief, mugger and hardened violent street criminal—all before he reached the age of eighteen. This new edition includes a personal challenge from Nicky Cruz, his response to teenage violence today, and an action plan for concerned parents. Gangs and violence are not issues of the past. Violence is alive in the streets, in families, in schools, and in the community. Though written almost forty years ago, the message is relevant to today’s youth, to those mired in drugs, crime, and dysfunctional families. It shows how Jesus can transform anyone who truly seeks Him.

Praise for the Print Edition

The story of Nicky Cruz is remarkable. It has all the elements of tragedy, violence and intrigue, plus the greatest ingredient of all: the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

—Billy Graham

Nicky Cruz and thousands like him are not just moving examples of the Good Shepherd’s faithful love, they are also signs of the times, which we had better not fail to read. They are an encouraging sign that God is acting with new power in our time, so that we should not be afraid to declare the Gospel boldly to anyone!

—Edward D. O’Connor, C.S.C; Associate Professor, Theology, University of Notre Dame

Product Details

  • Title: Run Baby, Run
  • Author: Nicky Cruz
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos
  • Publication Date: 1968
  • Pages: 335

About Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz was the leader of the Mau-Maus, a violent New York City gang when he was led to Christ by David Wilkerson, co-author of The Cross and the Switchblade. Nicky is the founder of Nicky Cruz Outreach, which helps teenagers with troubled lives. He is the author of seventeen books and continues to preach around the world, helping youth turn their lives over to Jesus.