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The Youth Worker’s Guide to Creative Bible Study

Format: Digital
, 1999
ISBN: 9780805418378 ratings


Dockrey’s twenty-five years of youth ministry experience enables her to disclose tried and true methods for guiding youth to read their Bibles, discover Bible facts, understand Bible meaning and then live Bible truth. She offers hundreds of great tips on what works, what doesn’t, and why. The Youth Worker’s Guide to Creative Bible Study is packed with more than 350 suggestions for turning the youth minister into a “tour guide,” leading youth on a journey of discovery through the Bible and helping them discover for themselves God’s revelation. Some of the key features in the book include: Thirty ways Jesus taught; Bible learning games; creative questioning, activities, talk starters; art, drama, music projects; and Bible memory.

Praise for the Print Edition

If boredom is the enemy of learning, Karen Dockrey’s book drives boredom out the door and invites learning to pervade your class. You’ll catch youth by surprise with the wake-’em-up methods on these pages. As a Christian educator and curriculum writer I regularly turn to it for fresh ideas and methods.

—Walter Norvell, Curriculum writer, Christian Education

For the past fifteen years, I have led seminars and conferences across the country to equip adults who work with teenagers. Wherever I go, I say, If you can only afford one book, this is it….I use Karen’s ideas in my conference leading, in curriculum writing, and in teaching my own Sunday Bible study classes. Karen’s book has saved me many hours by providing instructions, an index of methods, and invaluable tips at the beginning of each chapter.

—Brenda Harris, LifeWay curriculum writer and conference leader

Product Details

  • Title: The Youth Worker’s Guide to Creative Bible Study
  • Author: Karen Dockrey
  • Publisher: Broadman & Holman
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 240

About Karen Dockrey

Karen Dockrey, is a popular speaker and conference presenter, and contributes to numerous Christian publications. She is the author of over 27 books for and about youth, including Jr. High Retreats and Lock-ins and Growing a Family Where People Really Like Each Other.