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New Testament Times

, 1965
ISBN: 9780802804181
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In this classic New Testament studies text, Tenney provides a concise reconstruction of the cultural milieu in which Christianity arose and developed from the time of the Maccabean Revolt to AD 138. He begins with an explanation of the relevance of the historical, political, social, and economic background of the first century which helps furnish a proper understanding of the New Testament.

Recognizing the embryonic church rose out of three cultural tensions—Judaism, Roman imperialism, and Hellenism—Tenney traces its development under several Roman emperors: Christ’s birth under the age of Augustus, Christ’s ministry under the reign of Tiberius, church persecution under Nero and Domitian, and the new era of Christianity under Trajan and Hadrian. New Testament Times demonstrates how the biblical message was able to speak clearly and meaningfully within the historical framework in which it was set.

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“While they adapted themselves to their environment by conformity in language and in dress, they perpetuated their worship through the synagogues and their racial identity through the careful education of their children. They were never completely absorbed by the Roman world. In every sizable city a colony of Jews existed.” (Page 69)

“The divergences within Judaism were numerous, and it is possible that some of those who were only loosely attached to the Temple were at the outset attracted to faith in Christ.” (Page 70)

“Nevertheless He recognized their loyalty to the Law, and agreed with the current concept that they ‘sit on Moses’ seat’ (v. 2) as the successors of the great lawgiver. Jesus took exception to the practice of the Pharisees rather than to their basic teaching. He was more nearly in accord with them theologically than with any other religious sect in Judaism. Nicodemus (John 3:1) and Paul (Acts 23:6) were both Pharisees by birth and by training.” (Page 93)

“For approximately two centuries following the victory of Antiochus the Great they were under the domination of Gentile kings who made and unmade high priests at will, and who at times persecuted them severely. From the conquest of Palestine by the Seleucids to the Roman capture of Jerusalem in a.d. 70 the Jewish people were the political football of alien rulers.” (Page 31)

“New vessels and furniture were provided, the heathen altar was removed and replaced by another not constructed with iron tools, and the divine worship was restored on the twenty-fifth day of Kislev, 165 b.c., exactly three years from the time of the Temple’s desecration.” (Page 37)

Based on wide research and careful critical judgment, this may well be Dr. Tenney’s best book. It puts the student in possession of an immense amount of historical material relevant to the understanding of the New Testament.

—Everett F. Harrison

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Merrill Chapin Tenney (1904–1985) served on the original translation team for the New American Standard Bible. Tenney earned degrees from Gordon College of Theology and Missions, Boston University, and Harvard University. After serving as a pastor in Massachusetts, Tenney began teaching the New Testament and Greek at Wheaton College and served as dean of the graduate school and professor of Bible and theology for several years.

Tenney was also the general editor of the Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, and in 1951, he became the second president of the Evangelical Theological Society, an academic society of scholars, teachers, and pastors.

Among Tenney’s many books are John: The Gospel of BeliefIllustrated Manner and Customs of the BibleNew International Bible Dictionary, Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty, and New Testament Times.


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    The print price of this book seems grossly exaggerated. Local bookstores sell Tenney at 4 to 5 times less the price listed above. It therefore seems to reasonable to expect a much lower Logos e-price. Most buyers upgrading their old (& now somewhat dated ) textbooks to a convenient Logos e-format are unwilling to bite on this price. But if it were more than halved in price ..then sales on this item could increase.
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Digital list price: $21.99
Save $4.00 (18%)