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Products>You Bring the Bagels, I'll Bring the Gospel: Sharing the Messiah with Your Jewish Neighbor, rev. ed.

You Bring the Bagels, I'll Bring the Gospel: Sharing the Messiah with Your Jewish Neighbor, rev. ed.

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This "how-to-witness-to-Jewish-people" book is an orderly presentation of everything you'll need to share the Messiah with a Jewish friend or co-worker in a loving, non-confrontational manner. It offers insights into understanding Jewish religion and culture, including Messianic prophecies, Jewish objections to believing in Jesus, sensitivities in your witness and more. You'll be educated and encouraged. Divided into four sections— You, the Gentile Christian; Your Message, the Jewish Gospel; Your Audience, the Jewish People; and Feedback, Barriers to Belief—with study questions.

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  • You, the Gentile Christian
  • Your Message, the Jewish Gospel
  • Your Audience, the Jewish People
  • Feedback, Barriers to Belief

Top Highlights

“In the 1400s, the Catholic Church tried another approach in dealing with the Jews. The Jewish population of Spain was offered a choice: convert to Catholicism or die. Many chose to die rather than follow those they held as responsible for the deaths and destruction of so many other Jews.” (Page 43)

“When the true Church began, nearly all of its members were Jews. They didn’t see themselves as starting a new religion. In fact, they could hardly figure out what to do with the Gentiles who wanted to join in the worship of the Messiah.” (Page 39)

“Reconstructionist Jews, unlike Conservative Jews, incorporate modern secular thought in the services of their synagogues. They are drawn to concepts such as ethical culture, ritual enrichment, and artistic creativity.” (Page 130)

“Justin Martyr, had already laid the foundation for anti-Semitism. He had accused the Jews of inciting Romans to kill Christians. Origen, who died in 251 c.e., accused the Jews of plotting to murder Christians.” (Page 41)

“Instead of using the Greek name Jesus, try calling the Messiah by the name he was called by his family and disciples: Yeshua (short for Yehoshua, or Joshua).” (Page 97)

  • Title: You Bring the Bagels, I'll Bring the Gospel: Sharing the Messiah with Your Jewish Neighbor
  • Author: Barry Rubin
  • Edition: Revised
  • Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 201

Barry Rubin leads the Emmanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation in Clarksville, MD, with his wife, Steffi.

In 1941, The United States is drawn into World War II. During that same year, Dr. Henry Einspruch publishes his classic book, The Yiddish New Testament, a breakthrough in evangelistic literature for Jewish people. Over the following decades, the publications of Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications have been widely used to impact thousands of Jewish people with the Good News of Messiah. These books and tracts have been distributed in the Orthodox Jewish community, have been given out to Jews in the former Soviet Union, and have been used by Messianic congregations and Jewish outreaches all over the world. Messianic Jewish Publishers mission is two-pronged: Reaching out to Jewish people with the message of Messiah and teaching the non-Jewish spiritual family about their Jewish roots.


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    Digital list price: $11.99
    Save $3.00 (25%)