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Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation: Four Views

by 5 authors Carlson, Greg, Ellis, Tim, Graves, Trisha, May, Scottie, Anthony, Michael J.

B&H 2006

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Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation: Four Views See inside
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Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation presents in counterpoint form the four major views on how faith is cultivated in children and their respective methods of Christian education with a goal of clarifying which one is most faithful to Scripture. A prominent representative within each category writes his or her corresponding main chapter, and all contributors respond to all presented viewpoints.

Views and methods detailed here include the Contemplative-Reflective Model (cultivating a quiet, worshipful spirit), Instructional-Analytical Model (involving child evangelism and Bible memorization), Pragmatic-Participatory Model (focusing on high-energy activities, often seen in megachurches), and the Media-Driving Active-Engagement Model (using a video-based curriculum with limited teacher training).


Contributors to Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation include:

  • Scottie May
  • Gregory C. Carlson and John K. Crupper
  • Trisha Graves
  • Tim Ellis, Bill Baumgart, and Greg Carper

Product Details

  • Title: Perspectives on Children’s Spiritual Formation: Four Views
  • Author: Michael Anthony
  • Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 286

About Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is Professor of Christian Education at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology. He received his Ph. D. from Claremont Graduate School and has authored several books on Christian education. Anthony lives in Irvine, California.

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