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Old Testament Theology: Israel's Gospel

ISBN: 9780830879212


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ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner In this first volume of a three-volume Old Testament theology, John Goldingay focuses on narrative. Examining the biblical order of God's creation of and interactions with the world and Israel, he tells the story of Israel's gospel as a series of divine acts: God BeganGod Started OverGod PromisedGod DeliveredGod SealedGod GaveGod AccommodatedGod WrestledGod PreservedGod SentGod Exalted This is an Old Testament theology like no other. Whether applying magnifying or wide-angle lenses, Goldingay is closely attentive to the First Testament's narrative, plot, motifs, tensions and subtleties. Brimming with insight and energy, and postmodern in its ethos, this book will repeatedly reward readers with fresh and challenging perspectives on God and God's ways with Israel and the world—as well as Israel's ways with God. Goldingay's Old Testament Theology is not only a scholarly contribution to the ongoing quest of understanding the theological dimensions of the First Testament. Preachers and teachers will prize it as a smart, informed and engaging companion as they read and re-present the First Testament story to postmodern pilgrims on the way. This is Old Testament theology that preaches. Volume two focuses on Israel's faith, or Old Testament theology as belief. It explores the person and nature of God, the nature of the world and humanity, the character of sin and the significance of Israel. Volume three's focus is Israel's life, or Old Testament theology as ethos, exploring its worship, spirituality, ideals and vision for living.

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Abbreviations Preface 1. Introduction: Old Testament Theology as Narrative 2. God Began: Creation 3. God Started Over: From Eden to Babel 4. God Promised: Israel's Ancestors 5. God Delivered: The Exodus 6. God Sealed: Sinai 7. God Gave: The Land 8. God Accommodated: From Joshua to Solomon 9. God Wrestled: From Solomon to the Exile 10. God Preserved: Exile and Restoration 11. God Sent: The Coming of Jesus Postscript: Old Testament Theology and History Bibliography Author Index Subject Index Scripture Index

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  • Title: Old Testament Theology, Vol. 1: Israel’s Gospel
  • Author: John Goldingay
  • Publisher: InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 940

John Goldingay has been at Fuller Theological Seminary since 1997 and currently serves as the David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament in the School of Theology. Before coming to Fuller, Goldingay was principal and a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at St. John’s Theological College in Nottingham, England. He is the author of several books, including Old Testament Theology vol. 1, After Eating the Apricot, and Models for Scripture, as well as commentaries on Daniel, Isaiah, and Psalms. He holds membership in the Society of Biblical Literature and serves on the editorial board for the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies.

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  1. Erich Javier Astudillo Acevedo
    This book has been a wonderful read. It invites the reader to see the scripture seriously in the way it is written, sometimes giving little snippets of inside that invites us to challenge our assumptions; For example, relating to Acts 10 the author remembers that “Peter seems to take the vision parabolically rather than literally” but goes on to state that the literal that Peter refuses to acknowledge becomes common understanding in the church. In the same way, the Old testament is taken seriously thought the book, challenging the reader to do so and leaving rabbit-holes to the reader’s “fasting and prayer”as relates to that kind ;-)

  2. AJ Shortley

    AJ Shortley


  3. Suresh Abraham
  4. Jonathan Swales


Digital list price: $64.99
Save $33.00 (50%)