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Images of Christ: Ancient and Modern

Format: Digital
, 2004
ISBN: 9780567044600


Images of Christ is a collection of essays that explores depictions of Christ in four media: the Bible, theology, literature and the arts. The biblical view of Christ is explored through a range of images from the messiah in the Old Testament to biblical metaphors used by the Church Fathers. The theologically oriented chapters are concerned with Christology in both Christian and non-Christian contexts, especially where the Christ image confronts traditional theological conceptions.

The treatment of the Christ image and the views of authors ranging from the mediaeval mystery plays to contemporary fiction are covered in the literature section. The volume concludes with chapters on how Christ has figured in the arts, from Rembrandt and other painters to film and the Christian Mass. The result is a collection of papers that embodies tremendous diversity in its exploration of a single figure.

Product Details

  • Title: Images of Christ: Ancient and Modern
  • Editors: Stanley E. Porter, Michael A. Hayes and David Tombs
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2004
  • Pages: 408

About the Editors

Stanley E. Porter is Principal, Dean and Professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College, Canada. He is also the author of Christian-Jewish Relations through the Centuries.

Michael A. Hayes is Head of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham in the University of Surrey.

David Tombs is Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of Surrey Roehampton, London.

Stanley E. Porter, Michael A. Hayes and David Tombs also serve as the editors of Faith in the Millennium, part of the Theology and Doctrine Collection (16 Vols.).

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