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The English Puritans


In this classic account, John Brown provides an insightful overview of the lives and influence of the Puritans. Brown seeks to show how the Puritans affected politics and the social climate of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, in addition to outlining their ideology and key characters. This volume documents how the word “Puritan” came to be used and applied, as well how the term changed over the course of history. Brown points out the impact of Calvin, Luther and the Reformation on the Puritan fathers. This edition includes an index and a bibliography, including a preface by the author.

The English Puritans is an excellent resource for students, professors, and anyone wishing to understand more about the Puritans and their effect on religion and politics. With the Logos edition, you can study the Puritan fathers right alongside your other resources.

Key Features

  • Detailed overview of the Puritan tradition
  • Academic yet accessible account
  • Includes preface, index, and bibliography for further study

Praise for the Print Edition

John Brown's account of the political history of the Puritans up to 1660 has not lost its freshness. It is a heroic, inspiring story and Brown tells it well.

J. I. Packer, author of A Quest for Godliness

Product Details

  • Title: The English Puritans
  • Author: John Brown, D.D
  • Publisher: University Press
  • Publication Date: 1910
  • Pages: 175

About John Brown

John Brownwas born in 1830. He was an English pastor and historian. Brown wrote several works on the lives of the Puritans, including Puritan Preaching in England, John Bunyan: His Life, Times, and Work, and The History of the English Bible. He died in 1922.

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