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A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 vols.)


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This classic work is a comprehensive study on the life of Christ, including every reference to His life and teaching. A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 Vols.) also includes extensive entries on the four Gospels. Biblical expert and editor James Hastings compiled over nineteen hundred pages of notes from over one hundred international contributors and scholars. Although this is a massive and scholarly work, it is also highly readable and helpful for a variety of readers. Each item contains detailed yet concise information, along with the author’s name.

This collection is perfect for pastors and teachers, focusing on context, exposition, history, and cross–references. It includes both word and phrasal meanings from throughout the New Testament.

Resource Experts
  • Commentary and explanation from over one hundred contributors
  • Academic yet readable descriptions of key Biblical terms
  • Compilation from one of the premier Biblical editors from the twentieth century

Top Highlights

“It will be observed that the theory given above of the choice of 25th December takes no account of the heathen festival of the sun held on the same day. But it is quite possible that when, in the 4th cent., the Christians began to observe the Nativity as a festival, they seized on the coincidence between the day as calculated by Hippolytus and the heathen feast-day, and Christianizing the latter as the Birth of the true Sun of Righteousness, showed a good example to the pagan world by making the day a true holy day.” (Volume 1, Page 261)

“Paul represents Christ as Head of both creations, the natural and the spiritual, the Cosmos and the Church” (Volume 2, Page 403)

“the kingdom is here thought of as a spiritual principle to be received into the heart.” (Volume 1, Page 933)

“More particularly, self-control means the control of the temperament, the instincts, emotions, and will, both in themselves and against the various appeals that are made to them in daily life, with a view to the accomplishment of some purpose or the maintenance of some phase of character.” (Volume 2, Page 596)

“And the misery of sin is that it hides the face of God. It is the loss of God’s presence; and Christ, as our representative, in bearing our sins, entered into our condition, involving the consciousness of the loss of God’s presence.” (Volume 2, Page 617)

. . . the Gospels are the main source of our knowledge of Christ, and it will be found that the contents of the Gospels, especially their spiritual contents, have never before been so thoroughly investigated and set forth.

—James Hastings, Editor

  • Title: Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 Vols.)
  • Editor: James Hastings
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 1906
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 1,905

James Hastings was born in 1852 in Scotland. He was a Presbyterian minister and theologian. Hastings was the editor of many Biblical works, including: Dictionary of the Bible, The Greater Men and Women of the Bible, Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, and The Great Texts of the Bible. He died in 1922.


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Digital list price: $24.99
Save $5.00 (20%)