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The Kalām Cosmological Argument
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The Kalām Cosmological Argument


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Does God exist? Of the many ongoing debates to answer this question, perhaps none is more controversial than the kalām cosmological argument. According to proponents of the argument, a temporal series of past events could not be actually infinite, and therefore the universe has an absolute beginning. Since the universe could not spring uncaused out of nothing, there must be a creator. William Lane Craig provides a broad assessment of the argument in light of recent developments in philosophy, mathematics, science, and theology.

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Key Features

  • Discusses implications of existence
  • Relies on traditionally Islamic ideas to posit a defense of God’s existence
  • Clarifies misconceptions about philosophy for modern readers


  • Historical Statements of the Kalām Cosmological Argument
  • Introduction
  • al-Kindi
  • Saadia
  • al-Ghazali
  • Notes
  • A Modern Defense of the Kalām Cosmological Argument
  • Proposed Formulation of the Argument
  • Second Premiss: The Universe Begins to Exist
  • First Premiss: Everything that Begins to Exist has a Cause of its Existence
  • Conclusion: The Universe Has a Cause of Its Existence
  • Appendix: The Kalām Cosmological Argument and Zeno’s Paradoxes
  • Appendix: The Kalām Cosmological Argument and the Thesis of Kant’s First Antimony

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About William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig (b. 1949) is research professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. A highly-regarded apologist and philosopher, Craig has written numerous books including Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics and Creation out of Nothing: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration. He also contributed to Four Views on Divine Providence and Five Views on Apologetics.

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