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Luther and the Bible


Of the Christian’s relationship to the Bible, Luther said: “The Holy Scriptures require a humble reader who shows reverence and fear toward the Word of God, and constantly says, ‘[t]each me, teach me, teach me’”. It is no secret that Luther loved the Bible, and that his reformation was rooted it a critical-literal method of understanding the Bible’s message. Luther and the Bible explores Luther’s relationship with the Bible from both a scholar-pastor and personal-intimate perspective. Luther scholar Theophilus Stork, who made a career of isolating and explaining key aspects of Luther’s life, provides a welcoming and warm narrative about how Luther loved the Bible and used it to transform Christianity.

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Key Features

  • Examines Luther’s personal and pastoral relationship to the Bible
  • Explains Luther’s use of the Bible for the Reformation
  • Highlights how the Bible shaped Luther’s theology

Product Details

  • Title: Luther and the Bible
  • Author: Theophilus Stork
  • Publisher: Lutheran Board of Publication
  • Publication Date: 1873
  • Pages: 208
  • Christian Group: Lutheran
  • Resource Type: Biographies

About Theophilus Stork

Theophilus Stork (1814–1874) is the author of Luther at Home, Luther’s Christmas Tree, Jesus in the Temple, and Children of the New Testament. He and his family were beloved leaders in nineteenth-century American Lutheranism, contributing significantly to the church in ministry and scholarship.