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First Things Update: Issues 249–255


Since its inception, First Things has sought to offer intellectually robust commentary on politics, culture, religion, and where the three intersect in present-day society. With essays from world-class scholars and commentators such as John Azumah, Phillip Cary, and George Weigel, these most recent issues continue in that tradition. Covering topics like Islam, intolerance, education, marriage, mercy, and more, First Things provides penetrating commentary on the most pertinent issues of our time.

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Key Features

  • Engages politics and culture from a religious perspective
  • Includes thoughtful essays from top-notch scholars and authors
  • Offers cogent analysis of contemporary culture

Contents and Contributors

  • First Things, Issue 249 (Jan 2015)
    • “Strangers in a Strange Land” by Charles J. Chaput
    • “Challenging Radical Islam” by John A. Azumah
    • “Between Two Synods” by George Weigel
    • “Building on Truth” by Philip Bess
  • First Things, Issue 250 (Feb 2015)
    • “A More Inclusive Pluralism” by George M. Marsden
    • “The Civic Project of American Christianity” by Michael Hanby
    • “To See Things as They Are: A Response to Michael Hanby” by George Weigel
    • “Christian and Countercultural: A Response to Michael Hanby” by Rod Dreher
    • “Necessity of the Good” by Rémi Brague
  • First Things, Issue 251 (Mar 2015)
    • “The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Reclaiming Marriage” by Evangelicals and Catholics Together
    • “The New Intolerance” by Mary Eberstadt
    • “A Joust with Mario Cuomo” by Kenneth L. Woodward
    • “Books of 2014” by John Wilson
  • First Things, Issue 252 (Apr 2015)
    • “The End of the University” by Roger Scruton
    • “Dismantling the Cross” by Patricia Snow
    • “Saving Punishment” by Stephen H. Webb
  • First Things, Issue 253 (May 2015)
    • “Lessons in Statecraft” by George Weigel
    • “Sex and Danger at UVA” by Vigen Guroian
    • “Solzhenitsyn’s Red Wheel” by Daniel J. Mahoney
    • “The Great Interpreter” by Michael Stokes Paulsen
  • First Things, Issue 254 (Jun–Jul 2015)
    • “Freedom within the Disciplines” by Francesca Aran Murphy
    • “The Future of Democratic Capitalism” by Michael Novak
    • “The Three Fausts” by Stephen Meredith
    • “Responses to ‘The Three Fausts’” by Peter Thiel and David Gelernter
  • First Things, Issue 255 (Aug–Sep 2015)
    • “Technocracy Now” by James Kalb
    • “Write Away” by Randy Boyagoda
    • “In Polls We Trust” by Robert Wuthnow
    • “Our Need for Privacy” by Elizabeth Corey

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