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Alba House Homilies Bundle (24 vols.)
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Prepare, reflect, or study from the Alba House Homilies Bundle. A wealth of inspiration for homilists, these 24 volumes provide reflections on the daily readings, from daily Mass to Sunday celebrations to special occasions. You’ll find reflections written by five priests, meditating on some or all of the Mass Readings for every day of the Liturgical Year. Get inspired by insights on the Gospels that will capture the heart of your Sunday congregation, challenge yourself with reflections on social justice from a priest who has ministered around the world, or find practical advice and humorous anecdotes that make your homilies even more engaging.

Priests and deacons will find this bundle ideal for homily preparation, while all devotees of Scripture will benefit from adding these reflections to their personal study.

In the Logos editions, these volumes are enhanced by amazing functionality. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. Your software brings the most efficient and comprehensive research tools together in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

Check out this Homilies Bundle for even more inspiration!

Key Features

  • Contains a wide variety of reflections on the Mass Readings
  • Touches on readings for the entire Liturgical Cycle
  • Offers insight for the standard Sunday congregation and beyond
  • Assists in homily preparation or personal devotional study

Product Details


Captured Fire Homilies Collection (7 vols.)

  • Author: S. Joseph Krempa
  • Series: Captured Fire
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Pages: 1,746

In his popular homily series Captured Fire, Father S. Joseph Krempa offers brief, practical reflections for every Mass. Scripture-centered and using modern scholarship, Father Krempa’s reflections are targeted toward the everyday congregation who spend most of their time immersed in today’s secular society. An excellent tool for priests writing their own homilies, or for personal reflection on the daily readings.

This collection is comprised of the following volumes:

  • Captured Fire: New Daily Homilies, Year One
  • Captured Fire: New Daily Homilies, Year Two
  • Captured Fire: Seasonal and Sanctoral Cycle, Year One
  • Captured Fire: Seasonal and Sanctoral Cycle, Year Two
  • Captured Fire: The Sunday Homilies, Cycle A
  • Captured Fire: The Sunday Homilies, Cycle B
  • Captured Fire: The Sunday Homilies, Cycle C

S. Joseph Krempa is pastor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Winchester, Virginia. He earned his law degree from George Washington University in 1981 and was admitted to the bar in Washington, DC in 1982. He has prior degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo, the University of Notre Dame and St. John’s Seminary in East Aurora, New York. Father Krempa is the author of the popular Captured Fire homily series.

The Challenge of the Gospel: Reflections on the Sunday Gospels (3 vols.)

  • Author: Joseph A. Slattery
  • Series: The Challenge of the Gospel
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Pages: 507

In this series of reflections on the Gospel Readings, Joseph A. Slattery challenges us to deny ourselves, take up our cross each day and to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. By pointing out the ways the Gospel message must be lived to bear fruit in our lives and in the world, Father Slattery afflicts the comfortable and comforts the afflicted by challenging us to take that message to heart and to put it into practice every day. All who consult these volumes will find their lives and liturgical worship meaningfully enhanced by a careful consideration and application of the thoughts and sentiments expressed by Father Slattery. Priests and deacons will likewise find much that will be helpful in their homily preparation.

This collection is comprised of the following volumes:

  • The Challenge of the Gospel: Reflections on the Sunday Gospels, Cycle A
  • The Challenge of the Gospel: Reflections on the Sunday Gospels, Cycle B
  • The Challenge of the Gospel: Reflections on the Sunday Gospels, Cycle C
Father Slattery understands that the true gift in preaching is discovery. . . . His Sunday reflections are exercises in reflection as a means of spiritual development. The reflections are not exhaustive exegeses but are rather lessons learned from his encounters with the world and the Scriptures. They are lessons learned from his own experiences. But having been ordained in Dublin, ministered in Virginia, studied at Catholic University, lectured in Pretoria, and teaching in Namibia, Father Slattery’s experiences are neither shallow nor parochial. The reflections average two pages in length.

Catholic Library World

Joseph A. Slattery is an Irish-born priest, author, and professor. Emigrating from Dublin, Ireland, Fr. Slattery was ordained in America in 1966, for the diocese of Richmond, Virginia. He received his PhD in religious studies from the Catholic University in Washington, DC in 1980 and coauthored a catechetical series for grades seven through twelve entitled I Call You Friends with Margrit Banta. After spending several years in parish and adult education work he was named director of ministry to Priests for the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference while lecturing part-time at St. John Vianney National Seminary in Pretoria (1997-2002). He took leave from the Richmond diocese to teach courses in biblical and pastoral studies at St. Charles Lwanga National Seminary in Windhoek, Namibia.

Day by Ordinary Day Reflections Collection (5 vols.)

  • Author: Mark G. Boyer
  • Series: Day by Ordinary Day
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Pages: 1,938

The Day by Ordinary Day series reflects on the First Readings and Gospel passages used in the Sunday and daily Masses of the liturgical year. Priest and author Mark G. Boyer links scriptural study, prayer, and reflection to each day’s liturgy—celebrating the Church’s proclamation and preaching of the good news during the 33 to 34 weeks of Ordinary Time. Each book in this series is designed to be used by individuals for private study and prayer, and by homilists in the preparation of their sermons.

This collection is comprised of the following volumes:

  • Day by Ordinary Day with Mark: Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time, Weeks 1–9
  • Day by Ordinary Day with Matthew: Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time, Weeks 10–21
  • Day by Ordinary Day with Luke: Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time, Weeks 22–34
  • Day by Ordinary Day: Daily Reflections on the First Readings, Year One
  • Day by Ordinary Day: Daily Reflections on the First Readings, Year Two

Mark G. Boyer is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is the author of 35 books on biblical and liturgical spirituality. He teaches Bible and film courses in the religious studies department of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

Harold A. Buetow Homily Reflections (8 vols.)

  • Author: Harold A. Buetow
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Pages: 2,334

This highly-acclaimed series of homily reflections offers inspiration for the many situations where homilists are called to speak. Popular homilist Father Harold A. Buetow coordinates his reflections with the Mass readings for Liturgical Years I and II; Cycle Years A, B, and C; and special occasions such as sacramental rites, holidays, feast days, ecumenical gatherings, healing services, and more. Father Buetow’s characteristic blend of humor and reverence applies scriptural wisdom to real-life situations, resulting in engaging sermons. An excellent resource both for those crafting homilies—such as priests, deacons, and lay-ministers—and for personal spiritual reading throughout the liturgical year.

This collection is comprised of the following volumes:

  • Pastoral Talks for Special Occasions
  • God Still Speaks: Listen! Homily Reflections for Sundays and Holy Days, Cycle A
  • All Things Made New: Homily Reflections for Sundays and Holy Days, Cycle B
  • Ode to Joy: Homily Reflections for Sundays and Holy Days, Cycle C
  • Thirst for Life: Meditations/Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year, Weeks 1–9 of Ordinary Time
  • New out of the Old: Meditations/Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year, Weeks 10–21 of Ordinary Time
  • Rejoicing in Hope: Meditations/Homilies for the Weekdays of the Year, Weeks 22–34 of Ordinary Time
  • Life out of Death: A Thought a Day for the Easter Season
Good idea-generators for priests who need to come up with homilies, the books could also serve as daily devotionals.

CUA Magazine

Harold A. Buetow (1920–2009) was a Catholic priest, author, professor, and editor. Buetow studied at Cathedral College and Immaculate Conception Seminary, and was ordained in 1942 to serve in the Brooklyn diocese. He served as a priest for 65 years, taught for 30 years in the school of education at Catholic University in Washington, DC and was a senior staff editor on The New Catholic Encyclopedia. He earned a PhD from Catholic University, and also held a JD. In addition to his celebrated homily reflections, Buetow authored titles such as The Catholic School: Its Roots, Identity, and Future and Religion in Personal Development: Analysis and a Prescription.

Praying the Sunday Psalms

  • Author: Michael Goonan
  • Publisher: Alba House
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 208

The Responsorial Psalm is a precious, though often neglected, part of the Liturgy of the Word. The reflections in this book draw out the riches of the psalm verses set down for each of the Sundays of the three cycles—A, B, and C—and consider the other readings in the light of the psalm. This book will assist preachers looking for a fresh approach to the Sunday readings and all who wish to enter prayerfully into the spirit of the Sunday liturgy and find nourishment therein for their daily lives.

For both liturgists and ‘pray-ers’: helpful and well-organized new book from Australian Pauline priest-scholar, Fr. Michael Goonan, SSP. . . . Book is best referenced over 3-year cycle versus one sitting, and is intended as an aid to prayer. Emphasis is on prayer (as Psalms are prayer) that will assist readers in daily living, finding inspiration in the spirit of the Sunday Psalms. . . . The book offers an extensive index of Psalm Texts.

Crux of the News

How many times have you preached or heard someone preach on the Responsorial Psalms? Rarely, but they are part of the Liturgy of the Word. For each Sunday, these reflections pull out the treasures contained therein as they relate to the other readings of that day. Only one page per Sunday, but within is sufficient material for those who preach or for those who want to understand the true spirit of the Sunday Liturgy to satisfy their weekly hunger. Similar material may be hard to locate elsewhere. The content page enables you to find the exact page for every Sunday. The refrain verse of the psalm text is the title of each page. An index of the Psalm text is at the end of the book.

Catholic Library World

Michael Goonan is a Pauline priest and the congregational leader of the Society of St. Paul in Australia. With degrees in journalism, theology, Christian spirituality, and experience in religious formation and publishing, he has a special interest in writing on themes in contemporary spirituality. He is also the author of The Crucifix that Spoke to St. Francis.