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Sermons on the Most Interesting Doctrines of the Gospel

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Collecting 34 sermons by legendary Reformer Martin Luther, this volume includes messages on the Nativity, Crucifixion, and Resurrection—as well as practical issues in the Christian life such as prayer, salvation, and the relationship of good works to faith. A thorough primer on Luther and his preaching, Sermons on the Most Interesting Doctrines of the Gospel demonstrates the zeal and devotion that made him such a beloved preacher and theologian.

  • Sermon I: On the Nativity of Christ
  • Sermon II: On the Epiphany, or Appearing of Christ
  • Sermon III: On the Genealogy, or Pedigree of Christ
  • Sermon IV: On the Hymn of Zacharias
  • Sermon V: On Christ’s Passion
  • Sermon VI: On Christ’s Resurrection
  • Sermon VII: On the Good Shepherd
  • Sermon VIII: On the Lost Sheep
  • Sermon IX: Of the Woman of Canaan
  • Sermon X: Of Salvation by Grace, without Works
  • Sermon XI: Of the Kingdom of God
  • Sermon XII: Of Prayer
  • Sermon XIII: On the Bidding of Guests to the Great Supper
  • Sermon XIV: On the Works of Charity
  • Sermon XV: The Sum of a Christian Life
  • Sermon XVI: Of the Question of the Pharisees, and Answer of Christ concerning Giving Tribute to Caesar
  • Sermon XVII: Of Salvation by Christ Alone
  • Sermon XVIII: Concerning Good Works, the Fruits of Faith
  • Sermon XIX: Wherein Is taught How the Fazithful Ought to Rejoice in God, and Let their Patient Mind Be Known unto Men
  • Sermon XX: Concerning Them that Are under the Law, and Them that Are under Grace
  • Sermon XXI: Of Faith and Diffidence in Danger and Trouble
  • Sermon XXII: Of the Life of a Christian
  • Sermon XXIII: Of Temptation
  • Sermon XXIV: Concerning the Leading a Godly Life
  • Sermon XXV: God’s Providence and Care for His Children
  • Sermon XXVI: Cocnerning Trust in God in Penury and Distress
  • Sermon XXVII: God’s Punishment against the Contemners of His Word
  • Sermon XXVIII: The Difference between the Law and the Gospel
  • Sermon XXIX: Concerning the Exercise and Increase of Faith
  • Sermon XXX: Of Mercy to Some, and Judgment to Others
  • Sermon XXXI: Teaching that We Must Cleave Wholly to Christ, and Look to Obtain all Good Things from Him
  • Sermon XXXII: Of the Works Which Christ Hath Wrought for Us
  • Sermon XXXIII: Reason Not Capable of the Gospel
  • Sermon XXXIV: Christ the Way to Eternal Life
  • Title: Sermons on the Most Interesting Doctrines of the Gospel
  • Author: Martin Luther
  • Publisher: James Duncan
  • Publication Date: 1830
  • Pages: 421
  • Resource Type: Sermons
  • Topic: Theology

Martin Luther (1483–1546), one of the most significant figures in Western history, was a key figure in the Protestant Reformation. Over the course of his life, Luther was a monk, a priest, a professor of biblical literature, and a Reformer. His Ninety-Five Theses, in which he argued that indulgences were not acts of penance which could replace true repentance, helped spark the Reformation. His refusal to retract all his writings, demanded by Pope Leo X in 1520 and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms in 1521, resulted in his excommunication by the pope and condemnation as an outlaw by the emperor.

Luther has been both praised and vilified for what he preached and wrote. His works continue to impact all Christians and animate the movement that bears his name. Luther’s Works contains many of his writings, including commentaries, sermons, and lectures.