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Basil of Caesarea: Exegetic Homilies (Fathers of the Church)

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These exegetical homilies explore numerous Psalms and provide the earliest extant Hexaemeron—a theological treatise on the six-day creation account. St. Basil founded a new genre of hexameral literature, which was followed noted to be extremely popular among the educated Christians of his era, and display a profound devotion to God and evidence of his goodness in the workings of creation.

Key Features

  • Compiles exegetical homilies from St. Basil of Caesarea
  • Presents the earliest extant Hexaemeron
  • Includes an introduction with background on the author and era

Top Highlights

“When the soul is not enslaved by the pride of the flesh, but assumes a greatness and dignity proper to it because of its awareness of its attributes received from God, in this soul is the voice of the Lord.” (Page 202)

“bless on propitious occasions, but to be silent on dark and difficult ones” (Page 250)

“Let us glorify the Master Craftsman for all that has been done wisely and skillfully; and from the beauty of the visible things let us form an idea of Him who is more than beautiful; and from the greatness of these perceptible and circumscribed bodies let us conceive of Him who is infinite and immense and who surpasses all understanding in the plenitude of His power. For, even if we are ignorant of things made, yet, at least, that which in general comes under our observation is so wonderful that even the most acute mind is shown to be at a loss as regards the least of the things in the world, either in the ability to explain it worthily or to render due praise to the Creator, to whom be all glory, honor, and power forever. Amen.” (Page 19)

“Therein is perfect theology, a prediction of the coming of Christ in the flesh, a threat of judgment, a hope of resurrection, a fear of punishment, promises of glory, an unveiling of mysteries; all things, as if in some great public treasury, are stored up in the Book of Psalms.” (Page 153)

“Blessed is he who is not turned aside to his destruction through its incitements to pleasure, but eagerly awaits the hope of salvation through patient endurance, and in his choice of one of the two ways, does not go upon the way leading to the lower things.” (Page 161)

  • Title: Exegetic Homilies
  • Author: Basil of Caesarea
  • Series: The Fathers of the Church
  • Volume: 46
  • Publisher: Catholic University of America
  • Print Publication Date: 1963
  • Logos Release Date: 2014
  • Pages: 394
  • Era: era:nicene
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Bible. O.T. Genesis 1-2:3 › Sermons; Bible. O.T. Psalms › Sermons; Sermons, Greek
  • ISBNs: 0813213592, 9780813213590
  • Resource Type: text.monograph.sermons
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-10-05T17:27:09Z

In the Logos edition, this work becomes enhanced by amazing functionality. Links to the patristic writings of the Early Church Fathers will bring you right to the source—to the very quote—allowing you to see instant context. Footnotes appear on mouseover, as well as references to Scripture and extra-biblical material in your library, and you can perform near-instant searches across these volumes, searching for references to keywords or Scripture passages.

Basil of Caesarea, also called Saint Basil the Great, (330 – January 1, 379) was the bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia, Asia Minor. He was an influential 4th century Christian theologian and monastic. Theologically, Basil was a supporter of the Nicene faction of the church, in opposition to Arianism on one side and the followers of Apollinaris of Laodicea on the other.


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    Digital list price: $39.99
    Save $9.00 (22%)