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The Works of St. Bonaventure (5 vols.)


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Saint Bonaventure is one of the greatest philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages, and—like Thomas Aquinas—is ranked highly among the Doctors of the Church. Bonaventure’s integration of faith and reason sets his theology apart and offers a beacon for others to follow.

Bonaventure’s singular achievements resulted in numerous writings that remain relevant to Christian thinkers today. In this collection you’ll find the authoritative, critical edition of his Mystical Opuscula; his meditations on the life of Christ; his comprehensive presentation of Christian doctrine in Breviloquim, and much more.

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Key Features

  • Covers the Seraphic Doctor’s teaching on Christian doctrine
  • Provides the authoritative text of Bonaventure’s five main mystical works
  • Offers 100 meditations on Christ’s life
  • Provides Bonaventure’s biography of Saint Francis—considered the standard reference text for St. Francis’s life
  • Outlines seven areas or leadership as wisdom for leaders in the Church

Product Details

Individual Titles


  • Author: Bonaventure
  • Translator: José de Vinck
  • Publisher: St. Anthony Guild Press
  • Publication Date: 1963
  • Pages: 326

This is Bonaventure’s comprehensive presentation of Christian doctrine, covering the Trinity, creation, the fall of man, the person and mission of Christ, the role of grace, the sacraments, and the Last Judgment.

Mystical Opuscula

  • Author: Bonaventure
  • Translator: José de Vinck
  • Publisher: St. Anthony Guild Press
  • Publication Date: 1960
  • Pages: 266

This volume contains five works that cemented Bonaventure’s reputation as a mystical theologian: The Journey of the Mind to God, The Triple Way, Tree of Life, Mystical Vine, and On the Perfection of Life. This edition of José de Vinck’s translation of these texts is considered the authoritative, critical edition.

The Life of Christ

  • Author: Bonaventure
  • Translator: W.H. Hutchings
  • Publisher: Rivingtons
  • Publication Date: 1881
  • Pages: 337

The Life of Christ consists of 100 meditations on the life and work of Jesus Christ. These short meditations, averaging one to three pages in length, poetically illuminate the Scriptures, and “endeavor throughout to fix the gaze of the soul on the Divine Object.”

The Life of Saint Francis

  • Author: Bonaventure
  • Translator: Emma Gurney Salter
  • Publisher: J.M. Dent and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1904
  • Pages: 219

Composed between 1260 and 1263 at the bidding of a Chapter-General of the Order, The Life of Saint Francis was intended to supersede former “Lives or Legends,” and to become the official biography of the Saint. This classic volume is a standard reference for the study of the life of Saint Francis.

The Virtues of a Religious Superior

  • Author: Bonaventure
  • Translator: Sabinus Mollitor
  • Publisher: B. Herder Book Co.
  • Publication Date: 1921
  • Pages: 112

    This classic handbook for those who take leadership roles in the church is divided into seven sections:

    • The Selection of Superiors
    • Zeal for Justice
    • Pity or Compassion
    • Patience
    • Edification
    • Prudent Discretion
    • Devotion to Prayer
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About Bonaventure

Bonaventure (1221–1274) born John of Fidanza, was an Italian medieval scholastic theologian and philosopher. The seventh Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, he was also a Cardinal Bishop of Albano. He was canonized on 14 April 1482 by Pope Sixtus IV and declared a Doctor of the Church in the year 1588 by Pope Sixtus V. He is known as the “Seraphic Doctor.” Many writings believed in the Middle Ages to be his are now collected under the name Pseudo-Bonaventura. He is honored as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.


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Dynamic collection value: $42.45
Regular price: $39.99
Save $12.46 (29%)