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Sermons on Luther's Catechism (3 vols.)
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Sermons on Luther's Catechism (3 vols.)


Lutheran Book Concern 1915–1921

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Study Luther’s Small Catechism—covering the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer—with this multi-volume work from prominent Lutheran minister Robert Emory Golladay. Each volume addresses one section of Luther’s catechism, unpacking each point in detail and for edification of both heart and mind.

Originally delivered as a sermon series, each address ties directly to specific passages of Scripture and provides a traditional expression of the Lutheran faith. Developed at the request of Golladay’s congregation, these sermons have aided generations of Lutherans in understanding their faith, equipping them to express their Lutheran beliefs with clarity. Accessible, informative, and thorough, Golladay’s three-volume work is a master commentary on the essential teachings of the Lutheran Church.

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Key Features

  • Covers the three major sections of Luther’s Small Catechism
  • Educates both the mind and the heart
  • Teaches the essential components of traditional Lutheran doctrine

Product Details

Individual Titles

Sermons on the Catechism, Volume I: The Ten Commandments

  • Author: Robert E. Golladay
  • Publisher: Lutheran Book Concern
  • Publication Date: 1915
  • Pages: 426

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Volume one in Robert Golladay’s multi-volume work focuses on the Ten Commandments and the role the law should play in the life of the Christian and in Lutheran doctrine. Explaining both the theoretical idea of each commandment as well as identifying how it is to be obeyed in the contemporary setting, Golladay explores both the explicit meaning of the commandment as well as what each commandment infers. Golladay teaches and instructs with clarity, helping Lutherans live faithfully according to God’s law in the midst of grace.

We would especially commend this volume to pastors as a valuable aid in their work of catechical instruction. They will find it of most helpful instruction.

The Lutheran Quarterly

Sermons on the Catechism, Volume II: The Apostles’ Creed

  • Author: Robert E. Golladay
  • Publisher: Lutheran Book Concern
  • Publication Date: 1917
  • Pages: 452

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Volume two of Sermons on the Catechism examines the declarations of the Apostle’s Creed as they are delineated in Luther’s Small Catechism. Golladay provides an informative historical introduction as well as an essay addressing the biblical basis of the Creed. He then expounds on each of the Creed’s three major articles—Father, Son, and Spirit—unpacking the theoretical meaning and the need for personal assent to each aspect. Designed to address practical matters, yet focused on the development of doctrinal belief, Golladay’s volume serves well as both a catechism as well as a basic introduction to Christian belief.

We again heartily commend this excellent series of sermons to all our pastors as of special value in preparation for the catechetical hour with the children and young people.

The Lutheran Quarterly

Sermons on the Catechism, Volume III: The Lord’s Prayer

  • Author: Robert E. Golladay
  • Publisher: Lutheran Book Concern
  • Publication Date: 1921
  • Pages: 457

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

The final volume of Sermons on the Catechism comprises multiple sermons examining Jesus’ famous prayer and applying its contents to the Christian life in a theologically reflective way. Golladay examines each part of the prayer, elucidating its meaning and helping Lutherans understand its teaching within the context of traditional Lutheran doctrine.

32 sermons written in a vivid, sparkling style, and setting the sound doctrines of Scriptural truth on prayer in a spirit that marks the writer’s own faith, purity and devotion.

Theological Monthly

About Robert E. Golladay

Robert E. Golladay was pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. He is the author of Lenten Sermons and Outlines, A Glimpse Behind the Veil, and The Light in the Window. His Sermons on the Catechism was prepared at the request of his Grace Lutheran Church congregation and publsished posthumously by C.B. Gohdes.