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The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit is the outgrowth of lectures on the topic given in Dr. Walvoord's classes at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Over the years, this book has aroused considerable interest and gone through 23 printings in hardcover. The Holy Spirit is an extensive treatment of the entire doctrine of pneumatology, using some 1,500 Scripture citations, and is designed for theological students and pastors as well as for laypeople desiring to get a complete presentation of the third person of the Trinity who indwells all Christians.

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Top Highlights

“Titles of the Holy Spirit revealing His attributes.” (Page 10)

“Relation of procession to the work of the Holy Spirit.” (Page 16)

“Five of the titles of the Holy Spirit refer to some extent to Him as the author of revelation and wisdom:” (Page 11)

“Efficacious grace because of its nature is not to be considered a process, but rather an instantaneous act of God.” (Page 122)

“They are bestowed in grace, are entirely undeserved, and their power and operation is due to God alone.” (Page 164)

  • Title: The Holy Spirit
  • Author: John F. Walvoord
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 1965
  • Pages: 271

John Flipse Walvoord (1910–2002) was a renowned American theologian, pastor, teacher, and author. In 1928 Walvoord entered Wheaton College, majoring in Greek and minoring in Latin. With additional course work one summer at the University of Colorado, he was able to complete his undergraduate degree in 1931 with honors. Upon entering the Evangelical Theological College (today, Dallas Theological Seminary), Walvoord pursued a regular curriculum of seminary studies, graduating with both a ThB and a ThM degree in 1934. By 1936 he completed a ThD degree.

Along with the presidency of Dallas Theological Seminary, Walvoord was editor of Bibliotheca Sacra for 33 years and contributed a total of 127 articles between 1937 and 1990. Furthermore, he authored 30 books including, The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook available in Libronix. He is also the editor of several works such as The Bible Knowledge Commentary and Systematic Theology, and served on the committee that produced the New Scofield Reference Bible.


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  1. R Allen Sr.

    R Allen Sr.


    Walvoord's 'The Holy Spirit' is next on my reading list. 250+ pages, might take more than a day.


Print list price: $19.99
Save $2.00 (10%)