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Marriage and the Counsel of God (2 vols.)

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Marriage and the Counsel of God is the product of over 22 years of biblical study and pastoral counseling. Michael Eschelbach’s text and accompanying workbook have proven themselves effective tools for helping couples prepare for marriage, supporting those already married, and redeeming failing marriages. The text uses clear, nontechnical, and engaging language as it focuses on the biblical model for marriage. Following an outline of Lutheran beliefs—including the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, baptism, Holy Communion, and confession/absolution—Eschelbach considers the significance of the essential elements of these beliefs in the Christian life and in marriage in particular. Offering a wealth of helpful insights for pastors and counseling professionals, as well as for couples, he provides abundant Scripture references, as well as real-life anecdotes. These and other helpful resources are also given in indexes for quick reference.

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Key Features

  • Couples Michael Eschelbach’s marriage counseling guide with its accompanying workbook
  • Examines the biblical model for marriage in Genesis and Ephesians
  • Follows an outline of Lutheran beliefs
  • Uses practical, nontechnical language

Praise for the Print Edition

Marital dissolution continues to be an increasing characteristic of our society. In large measure, this situation is due to a lack of sound preparation for marriage and—from a Christian perspective—a paucity of resources marked by theological depth and serious biblical study. Eschelbach has produced a book that embodies both of these traits. I am confident that his work will contribute to the great need for Christian marriage education.

—John F. Johnson, president, Concordia University, Chicago

Marriage is an institution established by God in the Garden of Eden. Thus, a husband and a wife enjoy a relationship made for intimacy, exclusivity, and love. Marriage can also be the crucible of the deepest pain and heartache. God has given us in the Scriptures guidance to nurture our marriages and Michael Eschelbach leads us masterfully through the treasures of God’s Word in a way that will strengthen the bond we share with our spouse.

Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

Pastors who are called upon to provide pre-marriage or marriage counseling all too often find themselves in the regrettable position of feeling ill-equipped to deal with the task at hand. Complicating the situation certainly are a myriad of challenges in our world ranging from biblical illiteracy to high divorce rates to widespread cohabitation to elective parenthood. . . . By way of text and accompanying workbook, Eschelbach leads the pastor and the couple being cared for in classic scriptural catechesis through the full counsel of God in Christ Jesus. It is Jesus and his bride the church that are illuminated here, all the while fostering in the couple a greater desire for, understanding of, and anticipation for marriage lived out under the cross of Christ.

—David Rufner, pastor, New Hope Lutheran Church, Hudsonville, MI

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About Michael A. Eschelbach

Michael A. Eschelbach is associate professor of New Testament studies and Greek at Concordia University Chicago. He is the author of Has Joab Foiled David? A Literary Study of the Importance of Joab’s Character in Relation to David. Eschelbach is also a contributing author of Called to Be God’s People: An Introduction to the Old Testament.

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