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The Epistle to the Hebrews and Christian Theology

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The second annual St. Andrews Conference on Scripture and Theology brought leading biblical scholars and systematic theologians together in conversation, seeking to bridge the growing gap between these disciplines. Reflecting the convergence of the Old Testament’s cultic theology, Hellenistic ideas, and early Christian thinking, the epistle to the Hebrews provides a perfect foundation for this fruitful dialogue.

The contributors examine a number of key theological themes in the letter to the Hebrews: the person and nature of the Son, his high-priestly work, cosmology, the epistle’s theology of Scripture, supersessionism, the call to faith, and more. Unlike many modern treatments, this substantial volume considers Hebrews in both its ancient context and against our modern backdrop.

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Resource Experts
  • Seeks to bridge the gap between biblical scholars and systematic theologians
  • Focuses on the epistle to the Hebrews as a foundation for dialogue
  • “The Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews” by Richard Bauckham
  • “‘With Loud Cries and Tears’: The Humanity of the Son in the Epistle to the Hebrews” by Bruce L. McCormack
  • “One Who Is Son: Theological Reflections on the Exordium to the Epistle to the Hebrews” by John Webster
  • “God in Hebrews” by Harold W. Attridge
  • “A Scientist Looks at the Epistle to the Hebrews” by John Polkinghorne
  • “The Cosmology of Hebrews” by Edward Adams
  • “The Seal of Approval: An Interpretation of the Son’s Sustaining Action in Hebrews 1:3” by Terry J. Wright
  • “‘Here We Have No Lasting City’: New Covenantalism in Hebrews by Richard B. Hays
  • “Does the Letter to the Hebrews Articulate a Supersessionist Theology? A Response to Richard Hays” by Oskar Skarsaune
  • “New or Renewed Covenantalism? A Response to Richard Hays” by Mark D. Nanos
  • “Christ, the ‘End” of the Cult’ by Morna D. Hooker
  • “Leviticus and Hebrews . . . and Leviticus” by Nehemia Polen
  • “Death in the Afternoon: Hebrews, Sacrifice, and Soteriology” by Stephen R. Holmes
  • “Soteriology in Hebrews” by I. Howard Marshall
  • “Melchizedek and Modernity” by Douglas Farrow
  • “The Sacrifice of Christ and Ganda Sacrifice: A Contextual Interpretation in Relation to the Eucharist” by Edison M. Kalengyo
  • “God Has Spoken: Hebrews’ Theology of the Scriptures” by Ken Schenck
  • “Speech Acts, Hearing Hearts, and Other Senses: The Doctrine of Scripture Practiced in Hebrews” by Daniel J. Treier
  • “Exemplars of Faith in Hebrews 11: Abel” by R. Walter L. Moberly
  • “Abraham’s Faith in Hebrews 11” by Markus Bockmuehl
  • “By Faith Moses” by Nathan MacDonald
  • “Rahab Outside the Camp” by Carl Mosser
  • “Prophets and Martyrs as Exemplars of Faith” by Loveday Alexander
  • “Reexamining Faith: A Study of Hebrews 10:19–12:14 and James 1–2” by Mariam J. Kamell
  • “The Conquest of Faith and the Climax of History (Hebrews 12:1-4, 18-29)” by Ben Witherington III

Top Highlights

“Rather it is because he is Son, as the angels are not, that he inherits his Father’s name, as the angels cannot.” (Page 22)

“indicates surely that his completed work of atonement is now permanently part of the divine rule over the world” (Page 33)

“Thus in three key respects—creation, sovereignty and worship—the Son is related to the angels precisely as God is. The angels themselves acknowledge his unique divinity in worshipping him.” (Page 25)

“This particular attribute of divine nature is virtually entailed by the claims that God is the sole Creator and sole Ruler of all things.” (Page 16)

“rather, it is better described as a form of Jewish sectarian ‘New Covenantalism” (Page 155)

This is a remarkable collection and it deserves a place on every New Testament student’s bookshelf.

Jim West, adjunct professor of biblical studies, Quartz Hill School of Theology

Richard Bauckham is professor emeritus of New Testament studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and senior scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. A fellow of both the British Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, he has also written Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World.

Daniel R. Driver is assistant professor of religious studies at Tyndale University College in Toronto.

Trevor Hart is professor of divinity at St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Nathan Macdonald is university lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of St John’s College.


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    Digital list price: $39.99
    Save $8.00 (20%)