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Feeling and Healing Your Emotions
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Feeling and Healing Your Emotions


Bridge-Logos 2003

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What is mental health? Can we actually use our emotions for our benefit, or are we merely assigned to cope with them? How do we know if we are leading our children to emotional maturity? Feeling and Healing Your Emotions offers guidelines for emotional and spiritual wholeness. In simple question-and-answer format, you will learn that all emotions are positive aspects of our nature and that a fully developed emotional life can strengthen one’s spiritual life.

Humanistic psychology often fails to treat the whole person because it ignores the spiritual dimension. This resource shows how the Bible is perfectly consistent with a psychology that combines findings in modern clinical psychiatry with centuries-old Christian beliefs about the body, mind, and spirit.

The principles outlined herein are timeless. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions continues to aid mental health professionals and those in pastoral ministry to teach healthy ways of living, fostering psychological wholeness and healing. It also shows nonprofessional Christians that the function of the emotions is essential for leading a happy and virtuous life. The author clearly wrote this with the intention to make available to the average person important knowledge regarding the emotions and their role in a Christian’s life.

Praise for the Print Edition

A great read, especially for Christians who desire a better understanding of the emotions and want a way to integrate and use them more maturely in life. Anything by Dr. Baars is good, but this book is particularly wonderful. He avoids using too much technical language, and explains the concepts thoroughly. This is definitely for the average reader, and I will recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Christian psychology.

—Online reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: Feeling and Healing Your Emotions
  • Author: Conrad W. Baars, M.D.
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 325

About Conrad W. Baars

Conrad W. Baars, M.D. was named the 1980 Christian Culture Gold Medalist by Windsor University, Ontario, and was a psychiatrist for more than thirty years before his death in 1981. Dr. Baars was the author of Born Only Once and co-author of Healing the Unaffirmed and Psychic Wholeness and Healing.

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