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Homosexuality: Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible and Other Ancient Literature and Law

, 2000
ISBN: 0825424925


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Did past societies condone homosexuality? This thorough study answers those who revise the message of Scripture, by using the Bible, Jewish literature, and information from ancient cultures. It provides the knowledge necessary to respond with confidence, compassion, and honesty to demands that Christians accept active homosexuality.

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  • Offers an exhaustive study on homosexuality
  • Deals with the historical writings by Jews, Christians, Greeks, and Romans
  • Interacts with revisionists who arrive at different conclusions than the historical writers
  • Examines the ramifications of the Old Testament law
  • Part 1: Old Testament Literature and Its Setting
    • The Witness of the Old Testament and Ancient Judaism to Homosexuality
    • The Witness of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha to Homosexuality
    • The Septuagint’s Witness Against Homosexuality
  • Part 2: New Testament Literature and Its Setting
    • Homosexuality as “Against Nature” in Romans 1
    • The Meaning and Origin of Arsenokoitai in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy
    • Implicit References to Homosexuality as Found in Jesus and the New Testament
  • Part 3: Law, Morality, and homosexual Behavior
    • Legislative Precedents from the Ancient World
    • Answers to the Twenty Most Important Questions About Homosexuality
De Young will arm you with irrefutable evidence and enable you to confidently argue that homosexuality is wrong and a serious threat to the family.

—Suzanne Brownlow, state director, Concerned Women for America of Oregon

A thoughtful, sensitive, thoroughly scholarly and powerful challenge to those who try to defend homosexuality. . . . Mental health workers, including counselors and psychotherapists, will find strong support in this book for their endeavors to help recovering homosexuals.

—Archibald D. Hart, dean emeritus and senior professor of psychology, School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Homosexuality shows convincingly that the Bible nowhere accepts homosexual practices. It is unambiguous and unequivocal.

—Clark H. Pinnock, professor of systematic theology, McMaster Divinity College

Masterful. I predict that this readable and informative treatise will be foundational for years to come.

—H. Newton Malony, senior professor of psychology, Fuller theological Seminary

De Young provides a clear assessment of pro-homosexual interpretations of biblical and extra-biblical material. His general apologetic is marked by comprehensive and cogent textual discussions which serve as the basis for his well-focused applications. In life of the public debate over the practice of adult homosexual behavior, this work deserves serious consideration.

—Herbert W. Bateman IV, professor of New Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Title: Homosexuality: Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible and Other Ancient Literature and Law
  • Author: James B. De Young
  • Publisher: Kregel
  • Print Publication Date: 2000
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 384
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Homosexuality › Biblical teaching
  • ISBNs: 0825424925, 9780825424922
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-30T00:33:17Z

James B. De Young (ThM, Talbot Theological Seminary; ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament language and literature at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. His articles have appeared in Bibliotheca Sacra, Master’s Seminary Journal, and Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. He coauthored Beyond the Obvious: Discover the Deeper Meaning of Scripture and contributed to the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible and The Gospels and the Scriptures of Israel. He has been actively involved in the social-moral issues of his community and state.


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  1. David McIntosh
  2. Michael R Shotwell



  4. Scott J Sherwood
  5. Glenn Crouch

    Glenn Crouch


    I found this book does quite a good job of covering all the Old and New Testament passages that relate to Homosexuality - and the Author does quite an admirable job of covering the Septuagint, Apocrypha, Apocryphal and Pseudopigraphical writting - as well as good coverages of Ancient Hebrew, 1st Century Judaism, Greek and Roman societies. The book also is well referenced with extensive bibliography and scripture indexes. So I do find it to be a good reference book. However, whilst I would agree with much (if not most) of what the Author argues to be the Biblical view, I did find his approach quiet harsh. The Author does really argue that this "harshness" is required. So it is not a book I would be comfortable giving to a Gay friend. I don't think it is a book that is encouraging a healthy scriptural discussion about the issues - as it really doesn't give much "benefit of the doubt" to the "opposite side". I was hoping for a good biblical examination (like what has been done) together with a compassionate outlook. Rather, to me at least, the book does come across as though Homosexuality is "the SIN" - whereas Tim Keller recently points out that Jesus talked more about greed then he did sexual immorality. Also for what is otherwise quite a scholarly approach, the Author seems to insert these "imaginary stories" giving us all the background on Lot's wife, on US politicians facing bills to allow paedophilia, etc. These are all very strongly biased stories and they really worked against the book, in my opinion. If like me, you are not a US citizen, then a lot of the political discussion in the book will probably be a bit irksome. Anyway I don't think this is a book to change anyone's mind about this topic. As noted, it is perhaps a good reference book for the Conservative side (even if it is more conservative than I am).

  6. Keith Reed

    Keith Reed


    shoclarly & sensitive


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