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Psalms Explorer

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Explore the Psalms like never before

A dynamic display transforms your research into an engaging experience—showing you the psalms from the highest level to the smallest detail. Get a flyover view of all 150 psalms. Filter them by genre, structure, author, or theme. Reveal the structure of the Hebrew poetry with a click.

Discover every psalm written by David, psalms about trust, psalms for weddings, and much more—with a single glance. Doing a research paper or Bible study on a really specific topic? In seconds, filter the Psalms down to those written by Asaph, as a petition, and about wisdom. Compare the Psalms side-by-side with the Hebrew text, group similar Psalms together with the color-coded bubble chart, and hover over individual Psalms for a brief overview.

This is the perfect resource for Bible study groups. Pick a topic—like trust, wisdom, or thanksgiving—and explore relevant psalms with. Browse the psalms in interesting ways as you visualize which authors write more laments, or what themes appear most in each genre. This interactive psalm browser takes the guesswork out of Bible study, so you can find the answers you need, fast.

The Psalms Explorer requires a temporary or permanent license to the following:

This product is unavailable on mobile devices.

  • Find the perfect psalm for every occasion
  • Engage your audience with an interactive visualization of all 150 psalms
  • Study how the structure of a psalm contributes to its meaning
  • Explore the Psalms from the highest level to the smallest detail


12 ratings

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  1. Tim Murray

    Tim Murray


    I can't find any real documentation on this tool. No idea what "Synthetic" or "Synonymous" is. No idea what parallelism is. Only 2 videos that say the same things with different voices.
  2. Nathanael Ross
    It's okay and at first seems pretty helpful but gives no valuable insight as to what the parallelism is trying to express. I would recommend buying the baker volume sets on the Psalms instead if you not only want to see the parallelism but also understand why the psalmist has used the parallelism and what the psalmist wants to express.
  3. Nathanael Ross
  4. Ajesh Kumar

    Ajesh Kumar


  5. Eddie Harris

    Eddie Harris


  6. Solomon Newton
  7. Shawn McIntosh
  8. Richard Getz

    Richard Getz


    0:17 My list is vertical, not horizontal. Why isn't any of these videos constant with what I have? 1:20 Is there no reasoning to the bubble? Why are the numbers all scattered so you can't find what you are looking for without hunting? 3,4,5,6 are relatively the same size, yet it different places? 2:31 I don't have the Hebrew showing on the left. 3:17 I don't have the About & Bibliography If there are add-on packages then these instruction videos should mention it OR at the very least display the product icon as you are speaking about it so we know it is.
  9. Igor S

    Igor S


  10. Rev. James Neuendorf
    This seems to be somewhat broken. When I click "Hebrew" it just gives another column of ESV text, and it also appears to not function with any of my Spanish bibles or the Septuagint, although it bizarrely has the Lexham English Septuagint available.