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Proverbs Explorer

Format: Digital
, 2014

Discover the wisdom of Proverbs

The Proverbs contain wisdom directed to several audiences through a variety of strategies. This interactive table of contents filters Proverbs by pattern, people, theme, and type, so you can quickly find the wisdom you’re looking for.

Browse topics that interest you, then sort all of the Proverbs that address that topic for easy skimming. Looking for some fatherly advice? Select all the proverbs written from a father’s perspective. See all the instances a righteous, wicked, wise, or foolish man is mentioned in Proverbs. This is the perfect tool to help kick-start your next sermon, to serve as an outline for your Bible study group, or to make your next presentation more visually engaging.

The Proverbs Explorer helps you . . .

  • Find the Proverbs that speak to the subject of your Bible study or sermon
  • Gather all of the Proverbs that mention a foolish man, quarrelsome wife, and other characters
  • See the diversity and emphasis of Proverbs on a high level

How it works:

  • Sorts Proverbs into 563 articles tagged with a theme, pattern, person, and type
  • Displays the Proverbs in an interactive table of contents