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Relevant media to your Bible study

Online Media gives you access to all the best media from the internet from within the software. No more haphazard scouring of the internet—we’ve already handpicked the most relevant images for you, so you can quickly and safely find the media you need.

For example, when you search the web for a topic like “grace” or a place like “Bethlehem,” you’re likely to receive a horde of results that are completely unrelated to your study. Search for pictures of currency, and instead of finding Benjamin Franklin and Queen Elizabeth, you’ll find only the ancient coins relevant to your study. Logos has curated thousands of images from relevant, trusted websites, so you’ll only get the results you want, without ever leaving Logos.

Online Media helps you . . .

  • Find relevant media for your sermons, lectures, or group discussions
  • Build vibrant presentations without searches filled with irrelevant media
  • Safely search thousands of images without leaving Logos

How it works:

  • Adds a library of relevant images from the web to your library
  • Fuels searches and studies with thousands of images
  • Tags images by subject, theme, passage, and more
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