Products>Money Matters in Church: A Practical Guide for Leaders

Money Matters in Church: A Practical Guide for Leaders

Format: Digital
, 2007


Money Matters in Church is your one-stop source of information on creating a culture of giving that supports savvy, faithful, and legal financial practices. The authors take you into the heart of a biblical theology of stewardship, teaching you how to develop donors and maximize contributions. You’ll discover systems, policies, and structures for:

  • Developing a strategic budget
  • Enacting an effective audit process
  • Projecting income and expenses
  • Working with banks
  • Paying staff
  • Addressing debt

Malphurs and Stroope also detail the steps for preparing, implementing, and following through on a capital fundraising campaign. Response questions at the end of each chapter help you assimilate the material and serve as a powerful springboard for small group or staff discussions.

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  • Details the steps for a fundraising campaign
  • Includes reflective questions at the end of each chapter
  • Provides systems, policies, and structures for tackling financial issues
  • Creating a Culture of Giving
    • Developing and Communicating Your Theology of Financial Stewardship
    • Developing Donors
    • Maximizing Contributions
  • Managing Your Kingdom Resources
    • Developing a Strategic Budget
    • Analyzing Your Strategic Budget
    • Deciding Who Decides
    • Protecting the Church’s Financial Integrity
    • Funding New Facilities
    • Understanding Good Banking Basics
    • Paying the Staff
    • Keeping It Legal
    • Dealing with Debt
  • Conducting a Capital Campaign
    • Preparing for a Capital Campaign
    • Implementing the Capital Campaign
    • Following Up the Campaign
There are no two people that I have learned more from than Steve Stroope and Aubrey Malphurs. Steve is a brilliant pastor with incredible insights on information about churches. Aubrey’s systems are always clear and accurate. I encourage every pastor and church planter to read this book from cover to cover.

—Bob Roberts Jr., senior pastor, Northwood Church

Few seminaries teach it, and fewer pastors find financial expertise in their nature or skill set. But strong financial management couldn’t be more important to the success and health of a church. Aubrey Malphurs and Steven Stroope’s Money Matters in Church fills a much needed gap of understanding for pastors and lay leaders. It is an excellent book for a church board’s study together for the first 30 minutes of a year’s board meetings. The smart pastor will share copies with his or her elders, board, and stewardship committee.

—Ronald E. Keener, editor, Church Executive Magazine

Some church leaders are hesitant to talk about money. But they shouldn’t be. After all, Jesus talked about it more than he talked about prayer, heaven, or hell. And now Aubrey Malphurs and Steve Stroope have developed a ‘how to’ manual that not only gives the biblical support for teaching about money, but also reveals the step-by-step process of developing a community of givers and an attitude of gratitude in your church.

—Ed Young, senior pastor, Fellowship Church

Money does matter! In this excellent book by Aubrey Malphers and Steve Stroope, you will be exposed to both the solid biblical principles and sound financial practices necessary for effective growth in a church of any size. With years of experience in both the academy and the development of a large church, they know what they are talking about. Don’t miss out.

—Bob Buford, founder, Leadership Network

Money matters in the church because money matters to God and to all of us. Steve and Aubrey have provided church leaders with a fine combination of biblical teaching on money and practical applications in the life of the church. This is must reading for any pastor or church leader who wants to see the church maximize its financial resources for kingdom business.

—Bryant Wright, senior pastor, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Great vision is only a pipe dream without resources. A principle job of a leader is securing resources for vision, and Steve Stroope and Aubrey Malphurs have provided a tool that is both biblically solid and intensely practical. The question we have been asking each other is, ‘Where has this book been for our ministry up to now?’

—Jeff Jones, senior pastor, Fellowship Bible Church North

Aubrey Malphurs (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is senior professor of pastoral ministries and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary and president of the Malphurs Group. He engages in church consulting and training, and is the author of more than 20 ministry books, including Doing Church: A Biblical Guide for Leading Ministries through Change.

Steve Stroope is lead pastor of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. His congregation of 8,000 people is one of the hundred fastest-growing churches in America. He lives in Rockwall, Texas.