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Works of Miles J. Stanford

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Miles J. Stanford (1914 - 1999), was a writer of Christian materials and one of the most outspoken proponents of his day on the subjects of Dispensationalism and the Growth Truths of Romans 6-8. He was fully committed to this ministry and faithfully served the Body of Christ for nearly 50 years...

His best known publication was The Green Letters, which was first published in 1963, and has since been translated into nearly a dozen foreign languages. Another major work, The Complete Green Letters, which combined the five earlier books in one volume, and was published by Zondervan in 1984...

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The Complete Green Letters

    The Green Letters include the following 5 volumes on sanctification and the issues of spiritual growth:
  • “The Principles of Spiritual Growth”
    Basic principles pertaining to the Christian’s spiritual exercises are set forth in this book. Some aspects of the Christian life and walk, which may have been puzzling to you, will become clear as the Spirit of God is able to make them a reality in your daily life.
  • “The Principle of Position”
    The positional truths of the Word of God, which constitute the scriptural foundation of spiritual growth, are here set forth in correlated and concentrated form.
  • “The Ground of Growth”
    This handbook sets forth the specific truths of the Cross and the Christ-life as the ground of growth for the believer to comprehend fully his relationship to the Cross and to Christ risen.
  • “The Reckoning That Counts”
    The Reckoning That Counts sets forth the need to understand the doctrine that is found in Romans 6:1–10 and to count upon the truth which is known and understood.
  • “Abide Above”
    Spiritual growth really begins at the top, from our position, our source in the Lord Jesus Christ on high. The secret of healthy spiritual growth is to concentrate upon God’s very best as it is in Christ Jesus, thereby leaving no hunger for nor hankering after anything less than that best.

Position To Person

Position to Person is written primarily for, and dedicated to, each hungry heart, worldwide, who has gained spiritually from the study of The Complete Green Letters.

None But The Hungry Heart

This devotional series quotes from some of the best authors in the realm of Christian growth.

Position Papers

This volume is composed of extractions from the best books of Mr. Stanford’s specialized library on spiritual growth.

Spiritual Sharing Service (Tri-S Series)

This series covers much of the spiritual growth realm, including information concerning Christian writers and various topics.

An Ascension Anthology - J. Butler Stoney

This Anthology consists of selections from Mr. Stoney’s published messages. His emphasis is the believer’s position in and union with the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, “seated on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens” (Heb. 8:1). The growing believer will find Mr. Stoney’s ascension perspective to be a profound contribution to his abiding in Christ above, and walking in the Spirit below.

An I For An I

The Purpose of this Postulation is to briefly explain the believer’s identification with and position in, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our Life (Col. 3:3).

Cross References

A series of advanced Position Papers, having mainly to do with the Cross in the life of the believer.

Pauline Dispensationalism

Herein is offered the Pauline answer to present-day trends in Dispensationalism, as well as our response to what we have termed “Neo-Dispensationalism.”

Philippians 3:10

As a growing believer, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the most important and extensive stage of your spiritual growth - your balance of faith, that of counting upon your death to the old life and your growth in the new life.

It will also be beneficial for you to know just why your head, heart, and hope are far in advance of your actual experience, which seems to follow along years in later.

The Line Drawn

This book, originally published as The Red Letters, addresses the Charismatic perspective on baptism and tongues.

The New Birth Explained

As the title indicates, this book is an explanation of the new birth in Christ.

The Pause

It is our intention to share the scriptural basis for a more personal and intimate fellowship with God our Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. Although built upon the birth truths, it is by means of the identification truths, the growth truths, that this communion is developed and established.