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Products>It’s All in How You Tell It: Preaching First-Person Expository Messages

It’s All in How You Tell It: Preaching First-Person Expository Messages

Format: Digital
, 2003
ISBN: 0801091500


Have you become bored with a faithful, yet predictable, style of preaching the Bible? If so, you may be robbing your audience, and yourself, of the joyful surprises offered by fresh, innovative preaching.

With this clear and comprehensive guide, you can learn to make God’s Word come alive through story and drama. Haddon and Torrey Robinson reveal ways to get inside the minds of biblical characters, shift the camera angles on familiar scenes of Scripture, and present a first-person expository message that will capture the attention of contemporary listeners—and energize your preaching as well.

The Logos edition of this work on preaching is fully searchable and easily accessible. Scripture passages link directly to your English translations and to the original language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the wealth of resources in your digital library.

Key Features

  • Explores the idea of first-person preaching and put it into practice
  • Includes seven first-person sermons to illustrate the preaching method


  • From Egg Rolls to Stealth Bombers
  • Preaching As Listeners Like It
  • Study! Study! Study!
  • O Say Can You See?
  • Bones and Flesh
  • It’s All in How You Tell It
  • Curing First-Person Headaches

Praise for the Print Edition

Haddon Robinson has done it again—given us a book that combines his deep commitments to both expository and culturally sensitive preaching. This book significantly advances our understanding and practice of the first-person narrative sermon. Preachers who put this book into practice will not only broaden their preaching repertoire but will experience all over again the power of Robinson’s expository preaching method.

—Duane K. Kelderman, associate professor of preaching, Calvin Theological Seminary

Stories work. Actually, good stories work when told well. Torrey and Haddon Robinson address both concerns: what makes a story good, and what makes it well told; and they do so with a terrific blend of theoretical explanation and practical illustration. They encourage the first-timer that he should, and can, preach narrative sermons. They teach the more seasoned story-teller that he should, and can, preach narrative sermons better. It’s All in How You Tell It is an important read for those who want to connect with a media saturated culture that communicates in stories.

Sid Buzzell, professor of Bible exposition and leadership, Colorado Christian University

For years, many of us have tried to preach first-person, expository messages, but we lacked instructions. Finally, the Robinsons provide rationale, guidance, and examples. Read this book and you and your listeners will see God’s Word with new eyes.

Keith Willhite, professor of pastoral ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

First-person narratives in the pulpit are easy to do, but hard to do well. Most fail the biblical text, or fail artistically, or both. But now there is help. The Robinsons, father and son, give us what we need if we’re to produce creative first-person narrative messages which go beyond amusement to the genuine edification only biblical exposition can provide.

Duane Litfin, former president, Wheaton College

This book will help preachers get the story straight and give the straight story to their listeners.

Scott M. Gibson, Haddon W. Robinson Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

For many years first person narrative sermons in costume have been a regular part of my preaching as a pastor, seminary teacher, and military chaplain. Young people and children in particular have often expressed gratitude to me for bringing the message of the Bible with such clarity and heart impact. I commend Torrey and Haddon Robinson for their concise, clear, and creative guide to this challenging but powerful preaching form. The sample sermons are particularly helpful.

John W. Reed, president, Trinity Lutheran College

Product Details

About the Authors

Haddon W. Robinson is the Harold John Ockenga Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. His book, Biblical Preaching, has sold more than 200,000 copies and has been used extensively in Bible colleges and seminaries since 1980.

Torrey W. Robinson has pastored churches in Wisconsin and New Jersey and is currently the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Tarrytown, New York.